Broken Saints CH 21 ACT 3

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In this final act of Chapter 21, Shandala is possessed with the idea of returning home to her island paradise of Lomalagi. Will she choose to go alone? If she does ask for the other saints to join her...will they follow? The winds of the End are blowing...like a trumpet in the distance. Something is coming...


Hmm, hard to follow after CotC

I had to wonder what inspired CotC to write that elegantly put review. I then looked at what some of the other people on this site had to say, and was shocked.

For those who say that Broken Saints should leave NG or that they're sick of seeing it I just have to say: Don't watch it! As for the rest of us who enjoy stimulation other than what you find at your loins or through watching stick-figures fighting one another, we rather enjoy this series! When one act or chapter finishes, I anticipate the next. Frankly, I wish the series wouldn't end, because through each act, a new lesson can be taken away from it. Some of us actually -like- maturing, or finding new ways of thinking about life and existance, and this way of expressing those ideas (through a flash for example) is an incredible way of doing it.

Keep them coming!

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"I thought it would be colder."

Well, it seems people that cannot tell the difference between refuse and body parts aren't liking the series. Shocking. It seems equally apparent that people that are just watching now - near the end of the series - are unable to tell what is going on. I know this is terrifying - the idea that cause proceeds effect in this story, and therefore requires you to spend some time actually watching it to grasp what anything means, especially at this late stage - but it's okay not to get it. There's nothing wrong with not liking Broken Saints. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, no matter how ill-stated...

For example, there is a concentrated lack of dialogue in this Act, something that many seem to have a problem with. There is purpose behind this decision, however; in the previous Act, one of the main characters should have died via gun shot, and was saved through what appears to be Divine providence. Seeing the apparent face of God, or witnessing a miracle, is likely to make you shut the hell up. Any act, hoever benevolent, that flies in the face of the dominant reality paradigm causes most people of intelligence to have to rethink their perception of reality, or go mad, and that is what happens here. Fallout from the previous two chapters, as these characters try to come to terms with their flaws and with the quest that seems to lie before them.

And then, as spiritually exhausted as these characters are, they come face to face with one more miracle - a seeming resurrection as a character long thought dead makes his return. Seeing someone long thought dead is usually enough to make one stand there gaping like some witless idiot. Of course, this is difficult to understand if you've never actually done anything that matters with your life (and not to me. I'm a poor person to play judge on anyone; rather, the idea that one's life has moved on or means nothing is a crippling one, and an idea that is force fed by the world in which we live, another point brought up in this series. But, hell, thinking is too hard, and there are so many distractions available to you. Go fetch the KY; it's simpler than actually devoting thought to anything beyond your doorstep).

As for the Act itself, Oran's reaction to the snow always cracks me up. The travellers as shadows, as mentioned by so many others, is a genius touch. Anyone touched by a miracle is left looking at ordinary life with a sense of pity and detachment, a side effect of residual divinity. The character arcs and sense of exhaustion in this Act is palatable, and the weight of this act is apparent to any who would bother to understand it.

It's a shame, given the power of the entirety of this chapter, that the next eclipses it in all ways utterly. Of course, the twenty minute opening act will turn off many, and that's a shame, as they recap most of the series there while still furthering the story. Hopefully those who have no idea who are what is going on will persevre and gain some insight into this series.

Word is Bond, Indeed...

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wow not much movement

i thought the part while they were on the train was pritty good umm maybe some movement maybe some talking other wise nice

Enough is enough.

I've been seeing this on the portal everyday for quite some time now. Like most people, I too am getting sick of it. It had some good parts, like how you had the other people on the train apear as shadows, that was cool. But there characters had hardly any moveable animation, just their eyes moving a few times. I personally think that the entire train ride could have been summed up in about 1/3 the time. Interesting though none the less.

To be honest...

It was good at first, but frankly I'm getting tired of seeing it every single day after I enter the NG portal. Broken saint this, broken saint that... how about a chapter called "Broken Saints: Done!"

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