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War Crimes

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Jan 31, 2005 | 10:28 AM EST

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War Crimes



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wow... lol

first off what he wasnt wasnt true... this war was caused by bush... bin laden only had ties to this because the bush family and laden family are friends.
when the towers go down u even see explosions helping it free fall it couldnt fall that fast on its own...
jet fuel cant burn hot enough to take it down anyways... the builder even said they designed it to be able to take several plan crashes.
after if u see in the rubble ull notice that the beams were actually cut by charges left there...
let alone LOTS of other facts like the U.N. actually did go in and report there was no "womd"
basically this was a fear tactic to make the U.S. people go to war... think about it how many times did he tell u it was because of god? how many times did he say one thing then countless times it was provin to be another way.

bush's are evil men who just want money for there corporations between oil, banks, and companys that gain profit from war.

as for the video it was great... good quotes, effect pictures and a very true plot...


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3 words

Red bretharts review. The FACTS he states in it are true.

I suggest you NOT be a stubborn mule and read it and try to debate with him in PM.


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anti-american bs

i cant say anything better than what brethart4life1 already said... i agree whole-heartedly


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For the guy that made this...... read bretharts review man. You got pwned


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Master Debater

Read the summary.

Understand that Bush will never be the worst president ever. The worst would be Ronald Reagan for putting the USA in debt by billions of dollars, a debt we still are not out of .

And secondly, how would you have resolved the matters in the middle east? In Iraq and Afganistan? Would you reason it out? Its okay Mr. Bin Laden, kill 4,000 people, we will forgive you. And as for Iraq, Saddam was not letting any weapons inspecters in his country and so HE , being Saddam Hussain, is responsible for the deaths, NOT BUSH. WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE SADDAM!

And finally, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM BUSH? The world trade center is destroyed and AMERICA, being the people of the country not including the goverment, immediatly begs Bush to go to war, so he does. The tensions in Iraq were high and again, AMERICA, not Bush and his staff, want to go to war to get Saddam out of power. Not when we face the reality that its going to be long an brutal war, you want to leave. Never wanting to do any hard work for yourself. First sign of trouble and its over. Before you point fingers at Bush telling him he shamed a nation and stole our goverment, why don't you look at this submission and blame the real morale killer of the war and of this country, people like you who only talk about the problems and never anything positive. Then , and only then, will you find a true traitor and shameful soul.

Thank You