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ok, i must first say i HATE VIRUSES!!!! aaarg. this animation was 100 percent finished and ready for submission. i was certain that i would get a decent rating becase it was better than paladin episode 2 but my computer had a crash and i lost all files up until a certain date. this meant that i only had the first bit of this animation. im deciding to submit it because i put A -LOT- of time and effort into the scene in 3d, witch lickily survived. i hope you dont rate me crappily coz theres no story,but i guess no-one could blame you. just rate it on the animation, lol, coz i am seriously ticked i lost it all. well, enjoy, - jazza



This looks like it would have been pretty good... its too damned bad you lost the rest of it... :( Well keep it up man!

... make... more... paladin... episodes... NOW!!!!

It was ok but you realy should go back to your paladin series, because paladin is an awsome series.

i didnt get it ..

i didnt get it half way thru it went all white and there wasnt anything at all.............. MAKE A 3RD PALADIN MOVIE PLEASE

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Viruses must be destroyed!!!

All I have to say is the guy's mom was a total milf. Aroooo!!!

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usually, i don't care and I vote low when people say "boo-hoo, I lost my precious work,". But wow, I am actually quite sad that that happenned to you. My condolences.

Tight work.

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3.57 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2005
4:22 AM EST
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