Escape the pixels 3.0

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*Sorry for the Submit problem!!! Its working now!!!*
Its been 6 hours since I submitted 2.0 to newgrounds.
Here is the V3.0!
I added more sounds, powerdowns and options.
I made a menu and two different types of highscore. One for people playing with the Looping option ON and one for people playing with the Looping option OFF.

Oh, if you want the version with working highscore go here: http://members.lycos.co.

Leave a review and Enjoy!!!

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it was ok

it wasnt bad it just got really boring
sry buddy

try harder!!

You're wrong....the music on v.2 was tight I like

that song by Daft Punk. I dont know if you read that review when I had said that. It somethin about this style of gaming that you're sucking out of me. It's like you're doing the same thing every time. I dont know about eveybody else but I dont see a great improvement on any of them except you're just adding powerupz. You're not putting ANY effort in these gamez when it takes you less then half a day just to make a better version. Take a few weekz or dayz at least man to see what you need to work on then when you think you've done something that's worthy....submit it. No thumbz up

P.S- Explain that music thing in settingz for me.

A great improvement.

I remember coming across the first game a day or so back and not enjoying it much. This game has grown to my liking and I am glad that you have improved it greatly. I enjoy it and like it very much. The only downside is that you have added more powerups and such, making it a little confusing.

A little background music wouldn't hurt either. And what about lives?

guXit responds:

I had BgMusic in "Escape the pixels 2.0" but everyone hated it so I took it away. I just think playing with lives makes it too easy.

Anyways.. Thx 4 teh review! ^^

Mmmm Tasty game

Mmmm Tasty game. losing your square seems to be a common problem, But I liked the game a lot,. Well done.

guXit responds:


good game

gay high score system, and i love the favt that u can play music of ure hdd nice work but get the high scores working !

guXit responds:

I don't know how the highscores can work on newgrounds becouse of the Anti-PHP thing. But other people get it to work.
I'll check some forum or something.

Thx 4 teh review!

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2005
2:59 PM EST
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