Broken Saints CH 21 ACT 1

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In this first of 3 acts in Chapter 21, the four strangers - ORAN, RAIMI, KAMIMURA, and SHANDALA - try to plan their next move with city curfews and strange messages standing in their way.
But it is Shandala - eager to heal the hearts of her new friends - that triggers the sudden fall of one of her new comrades.

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Very good

Broken Saints Chapter 21 Act 1 was brilliant, back on track where it was before, loved the whole matrix style at the start but can`t seem to figure out what that was intending in this act? the ending was very good what a cliffhanger for the second act. Keep them coming.

Graphics: Great artwork and animation, Matrix style was good.
Sound Effect: Good like it with the Laptop.

9/10 Stars this gets for the first part of chapter 21 keep them coming.

The guy below

took the words right out of my mouth. Oh, and that matrix spoof thing was totally transparent.

Thank you.

Good, now we're back on the right track. Just when I was feeling like there was an overdose of mysterious spiritual vision weirdness, you brought it back to some stuff that makes just a little more sense. A nice easy watch, right when it's needed. You guys rock.

I think the start was vary cool

the start was cool and the body was awasom. the ending was vay excitig and maks me want to see the next one. you know what im going to do that right now.

Best series I've seen on Newgrounds

Revieving around part 21, after circa 15h of watching, feels safe - that probably nobody ever will read it... Great story, overhelmingly sad, but so true and powerful...
Introducing of some fun in form of parodies - here Matrix - was brilliant move. A person has only limited treshold of pain and sadness, and without those moments of healthy laugh, the story would beacame just dull. I didn't laugh so heartly for a long time, and it made me refreshed, and ready for the rest of the story...
Damn, it is easily comaprable to Gaimans The Watchers. If not better.

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3.27 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2005
2:23 PM EST
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