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Lobster The Lobster Final

rated 2.72 / 5 stars
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Jan 30, 2005 | 5:25 AM EST

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Lobster The Lobster Series Finale: And thus, the epic tale of Lobster The Lobster rides off into the sunset...It's been fun! Thanks to everyone who viewed this cartoon and enjoyed it or entertained me with negative reviews!



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This series basically ended at episode 9, but you kept it going for 11 horrendous episodes? Was this due to nostalgia or something?


Rated 5 / 5 stars


21 eps of LTL... 18 numbered eps, the hidden ep 7 via Ultross Strikes, the Xmas episode, and this the final ep...

They all add up to an entertaining series. Even if the return to LTL in December/January of 2004/2005 wasn't as fun as the LTL 1-12 reign back in the spring of 2004... I can't say I'd rather you never gone beyond 12, so... I'm glad you decided to do some more and experiment. But even more glad... that you didn't make ANOTHER dozen of the subpar kind and thus start to outbalance the earlier and better ones. But anyway, I'll just cut to the chase and review this episode, like it was any other:

The unique intro was... well, unique! And funny (the extended explanation of Lobster's situation, that is). Rubble, rubble especially. And the duck on the tractor making a second and final appearance, too. Methinks that's another series waiting to be made, eh? "Duck on a Tractor. Be-doo-be-boop-be-doo-boop... quack quack"? #;-}>

Purple Dude is alive and well. I am happy for that, if nothing else. A little last bit of scat from him... a eulogy to Lobster's memory and all... eh... it works. It's not the best ending that could have happened, but it's the one you went with, so it just... IS. And the... little epilogue was amusing and totally random and different than anything else in the LTL series. So...

While I wasn't always happy with the individual episodes (especially 13, 14, 15) past the original dozen... there were moments of humour and references back to the originals... that made them worthwhile. And this final 21st episode... was a departure in that it was different enough to be good on its own, instead of yet another Bruce Banner retread ep (see the above mentioned "low point eps" of the series IMO)... and also in that it's the series' last hurrah. So... Eh. I'm sad to see LTL go, I'm sad to see LTL end its life in half a dozen "Lobster in a coma" episodes, but I'm happy that LTL was there at all. Thank you for creating Lobster the Lobster and bringing him to us for the past year. He was a classy guy. I'll always remember his pinching ways and his clicky spirit.... I'll miss you, Lobster. ;_;

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I was your biggest fan!!! i stuck with lobster the Lobster through thick and thin, through pinch and hulk, I EVEN STUCK THROUGH ALL OF EPISODE 16!!! I rewatched every episode. this can NOT be how it ends! no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no.
if you wont make more LtL then i am overthrowing your empire. PREEMPTIVELY! you dont even have an empire yet and i'm overthrowing it! thats how disgruntled i am!
youll see,
youll ALL seeeeeee...

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

"Arigato" to the Lobster

The series maybe is on the end now, but Lobster will always be in our hearts.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I am sad to see the series go.

I loved "Lobster the Lobster" so much. It was a very funny series and I couldn't get enough of it, and now that it's gone, it just reminds me of how I'll just be stuck with the other stupid video game parody shit on Newgrounds.

Anyway, thanks for blessing us with this great series. I expected a bit more from the finale, but if there's anything that I've learned from "Lobster the Lobster," it's that you can never hope for something huge, because the whole point is to crush those hopes so you can see something short instead!

Also, Season 1 was better overall, but Season 2 had my favorite three episodes thanks to Bruce Banner! He was a hilarious addition to the series and I couldn't stop laughing at those three episodes he was in. (I won't count the one where everything was just a "paradox" of one same episode)

Anyway, thank you for the fun, and I look forward to your other stuff!