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Ghostbusters: Episode 3

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World Eater Part One: Earth is in peril as a planet eating entity descends upon it. The Boys in Grey need help. Who else is there to call?

This is a collabration between Tajiri Studios and Braxtan Studios, makers of the hit fan film Freddy VS Ghostbusters!

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Good storyline buuuut.....

The storyline was really cool, I like how you made it seem that other citys might have Ghostbusters of there own. The humor was almost spot on with what Ghostbusters use to be. However the graphics and sound needed some work. I think this has great potential to be a great flash series with everyones favorite Ghostbusters (considering nobody wants to pick up the script by Dan Acroyd and Harold Ramis).

BradRedfield responds:

Actually, the Denver Ghostbusters are characters from the fan film "Freddy vs. Ghostbusters" available to view on braxtanfilm.com, and thanks for the nice comments!

Great job of bringing the Ghostbusters back!

I was just thinking the other day about if they made another Ghostbusters movie. It looked nice. The voices were on and off. Some people sounded clean and others like they were talking into a mike. I forgot what it said in the credits, but whoever did the voice of Egon was amazing. Nice storyline and some nice comedic features throughtout the plot. I think this is going to be an outstanding series for as long as you decide to do them. Thanks for the new memories and I look forward to your next project.

Great movie

A great movie! Put more action in the next movie and make another soon.

who are we gonna call?

A good, long movie, the voiceacting isn't too good at points (dropping into undistinguishable gibberish) but that is compensated by the overall quality.

It's definitely worthy of being watched, so what are you waiting for?


So glad this thing finally got released. I was wondering if the series was gonna die for a while after Brad left.

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3.86 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2005
11:21 PM EST
Comedy - Parody