Emo dress up

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Good for a bit of a laugh. If you dont' get this as a joke, I don't even know why i'm talking to you. Music by some Emo band...



hahahahahahahahahaha nice
yeah...you've captured the streotypical "emo"


Lawls. All the clothes are the same!!! xDD

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HEHEHE! Awesome!

Deffinately was good for a laugh. Thank you!!! And I just wanna say 3 things to everyone if you dont mind..... 1st... It's a flippin joke! You're offended? GET OVER IT! I'm so sick of everyone getting all worked up over small stupid s***! You think smokings bad for you? Gettin all stressed out and worked up all the time is worse! It deffinately ages you faster which kills you faster. Just F***in RELAX!......2nd....and 3rd TO ALL YOU "UNIQUE" PEOPLE OUT THERE!!! This emo s*** is nothing new! I didn't even know wtf an emo was for like ever! (and no I'm not old I'm 19) Why? Cause you don't look or act or anything else any differently than whats been around for a very long time. I seen all yall walkin around n stuff just looked like a bunch of goth/punk/skater kids to me. Which the goth and punk thing have been around for soooooooo long. The skater thing pretty long too (just not as long as the first 2) Also it's not just you emo kids it's everyone else too with your "uniqueness". I will say this to you all.... I (unlike most people who say they do) really don't give a f*** what you think of how I look. I really do wear stuff cuz I like it... I've gone to the store and found no clothes I liked I FLIPPIN MADE MY OWN D*** CLOTHES!!!! I don't give a s*** about whats cool or what my friends are doing or wearing. I don't wanna "fit in" with any "group". You call me anything other than my name if you know it or "hey you" or "miss" if you dont you'll deffinately be getting hell from me! I'll tell you all what I've said since I noticed all this shit and how things work like this with people when i was in 4th grade.... F*** YOU ALL!!! I AM ME!!! I AM MOTHERF***** UNIQUE!!! THIS IS WHAT IT'S LIKE TO REALLY BE YOURSELF I HOPE YOU LEARN FROM IT!.........sorry just had to say it all.... Love the joke... This was great THANK YOU!!! And everyone please seriously chill out and figure out how to really be unique... learn what it is you'll be so much happier when you do both these things.


whats up with the colors? but funny at second glance, mentally replacing the colored items with monochromatic stuff in my mind. you could pull this off as is if it were developed a bit and made into a quick flash movie(as if the viewer is "playing it") instead of an actual playable game


Okay, we got the message!

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Jan 29, 2005
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Gadgets - Dress Up