Anime Face Maker v1.0

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Our first game (be kind in reviews please lol)But I would apreciate constructive critisism. This is a game we decided to make because i noticed most dress up style games didnt focus on the facial features enough. in version 2.0 it will become a whole body game.Also this game has some extras we added from boredom one is a the first dress-up game I ever made that we later gave up on If you havent checked out our last movie you should we think its better than what some people reviewed see it here http://www.newgrounds.co
54 the picture of a dude is me neo_vg_dude


NIce work

alot of effort was put into this you can see, humorous afro, excellent mini-game A work (dont worry no one gets an A+ so your doin' great)

ps. good soundtrack

good work on the first try

i love this game, you should do a major upgrade on the next one, where you can change the hair colors and come up with some badass outfits.

Nice, very nice!

Your first flash? Wow, VERY nicely done then!:D
My 2 cents:

1. Good choice of music, but it doesn't really have to do anything with the game... Oh and not that I really need it because I like the music, but a stop button would be handy too:)

2. Give each item a number, like hair number 1, 2, 3, etc. This will make it less chaotic...

3. Talking about chaotic, the 'extra' game, good game too, but some proportions didn't match... Minor details, but annoying to ppl who are watching details, like me... And put some kind of field in it where all the items dissappear or anything, because I almost lost the character in it at the last moment! 0.0'

4. Put some presets in it, like Vegeta, or Goku, just for recognition:)

Don't want to critisize, just wanna help you with giving tips:) But very nice done for a first flash guys!:D Go on like this!

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good dressup...good idea too

ng needs more face dress-ups like this. and it has good grafix. chek it out.

i like

I think its pretty cool, like u said that this ones about the face. the bonus game is real cool too, but that one with the photo should be taken off.

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3.07 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2005
4:35 PM EST
Gadgets - Construction Set