The Sim Guy: Eps 1

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this a series of shorts based on the gaming sensation that is 'the sims 2'.

credits taken from decline xmas cause they rock!


That sucked.

That sucked so hard, i'm suprised at made it past the first few reviews because it wasn't funny AT ALL and it was really short and it was very un-imaginitive. It sucked so dam hard. It mustof took you not even an hour to make that. Why the hell did you submit it! It is so not funny!!

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amit-patel responds:

i bet u suck to. i bet u suck men.


That was god damn terrible. If I bet a guy writing a book report might have been funny...heres some advice, give up flash or get some new methods, besides stealing other ppls!.

PS. WHATEVER U DO, I NEVER WANT TO SEE ANYTHING LIKE THAT....I hope this gets taken of ngs

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amit-patel responds:

if you dont want to see anything like that again, go to another site. worse stuff then this is on newgrounds. wanker!

This blows goats...

Ok This what makes me pissed at newgrounds, my friend made a funny music video "gay bar", and it was good, and someone blammed it because it had a funny of picture of homer simpson as a joke...so the guy got pissed and it didn't get on....and then junk like this gets on and I am furious...however approved this should burn in hell, they suck more then the creator!

PS. Stealing Ideas is not creative, it's illegal dumbass. Not that u needed credits for that BS!!!!!!!

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Double you tee eff

Okay We've Got A few problems. Take everything here as constructive critisim.
1. The Mouths, body, and ending credits were all STOLEN from the Decline 2 and christmas. It's one thing to build of another artist's work, but its another thing to blatantly steal their work.
2. Another problem we face is that in stealing their work, it wasnt even used properly. Your animating was terrible. Our eyes BLED when we saw this. The arm and leg joints were overlapping...in the bad way.
3."credits taken from decline xmas cause they rock!"
Now, yes we all know they rock. Hoorahs and finger wiggles, BUT... That dosen't constitute as giving an artist credit. If anything, it should go in the animation itself... NOT IN YOUR DESCRIPTION. Because of this, whenever someone wants to search for the popular decline series, we come up with your animation. This may not have been done purposely, but regardless, its still not right.
You need to put more time into this. Its definately a good idea, but it hasnt been worked on hard enough. Put more effort into it before you put it on a website as popular as Newgrounds.

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lol funny stuff

but still it wasn't that good, but at least i laughed for 5 minutes so it was ok.

amit-patel responds:

it wasnt that good. thanx

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Jan 29, 2005
2:24 PM EST
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