The Sim Guy: Eps 1

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this a series of shorts based on the gaming sensation that is 'the sims 2'.

credits taken from decline xmas cause they rock!


how could you!?

Ok, im all for the idea of some sims guy getting burned, but how could you live with yourself?!? you stole decline xmas' credits!!! I think you just made a flsh so you could put the credits on!!!


A nice little parody you have, haha. It doesn't make sense how the stove just turned on by itself but sure, okay, haha. It's still good for a little laugh. Random, lol


Ew. That wrecked my day.

Try playing the Sims 2 sometime. If you had, you would know that Sims stay away from the fire and scream their heads off.

Have a nice day. =3

I don't think you've played the sims......

You see, for starters the stove wasn't on, then it caught fire out of no where, then when he walked close to it, but didn't touch it, he caught fire and fell down. When you hear sims talk in the game they sound more like "sheenie feelnie weenie" instead of "dasdasdasd" in such a high pitch voice you can't understand. I noticed in the list of all reviews everyone who said it sucked you choose that it was an unhelpful review. I am going to blam this everyday until it gets at the bottom of the 50 close to death list and Tom will take it off. So watch out, because your days are numbered.....amit.

PS. Stealing the credits from the Decline was low. I bet you didn't even try to get permission to use them in your shitty skit. The only reason I saw this because I was looking to see if Decline 3 was out (I searched "decline) and you where the 4th or 5th search result. You suck, and I hate you.

Holy Crap

I can sh*t out better pieces of art than this. . . this trainwreck. "Okay i'm gonna go cook, la la la i'm cooking even though i'm not doing anything with my hands, whoops a fire, i'll walk close to it!"

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Jan 29, 2005
2:24 PM EST
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