A dbz style fight

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Ok If you do not like DBZ you will not like parts of this, but there are some humerous bits for people who have not watched and liked the show


oookeeey.....reply me!

dude, dont u even watch the tutorials or something? geez even i could do this better if i tried.

-2 on graphics: well... the graphics just suck, no need to argue about that.
-7 on style: i just like dbz and your storyline was original (the characters to)
-3 on sound: what should i say about this....? the sound was like someone was talking to me in a windy storm(the vacuumcleaner effect as i call it)
-6 on violence: well there was violence in it....
-6 on interactivity: i just dont know what interactivity means (im from the netherlands). i think it means originality, what the movie is.
-7 on humor: the mouthbeam was rectangular in the mouth XD

suggestions: improve the graphics! i know its hard. the storyline is ok.
BTW: my english is pretty good isnt it :)

Insaneplanetman responds:

Ok, the graphics look how we intended them to look, you say you could do better but i dont see any flash submissions by you, it takes more than eyesight and a drawing arm to be a good animator. Your english is excellent but interactivity is what you can do to change things that go on, a game is interactive.

¡Flash de Niza DBZ!!

¡Tipo del hombre que era impresionante! ¡Gran trabajo!!

That was in spanish. The title was "Nice DBZ flash!!!" and the review was "Man dude that was awesome! Great job!!" Adios! (Hopefully you dont need that translated!)

Insaneplanetman responds:

thanks, its nice to have some positive feedback

nive dbz thing

but i didn't like it

Insaneplanetman responds:

yeah nive, i agree?

Sounds were waaaayy too loud...

Yeah, I was wearing headphones and had to turn them down... But I saw that guy with a Jam Shirt. The Jam fucking rock!

Insaneplanetman responds:

glad you liked the shirt

rawfle wafle

i don't know weather this is good or bad laughter but w/e i suggest u learn how to draw cause those are sum poor characters and surprise surprise the women was the best done....another thing the dbz people weren't english either....just a thought

Insaneplanetman responds:

you total fool, those were not ment to be people from dragonball z, they are original characters. vegeta is english you wazzock, dont tell me my drawing sucks, i notice the only movies you have got on are sprite movies. have a nice day

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Jan 29, 2005
8:56 AM EST
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