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Nuggets Ep7 Intermission

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Author Comments

Sorry about the first phone conversation being a little incoherent. Be kind, Please Rewind.

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Funny, but not really funny

Not deserving of a ten, but its funny. Esp liked the retard siezing scene, he was siezing right?

In response,

I am one of her friends. She has a thing for being pissed at racism for she hangs around and even dated a few 'niggas'. I myself have 'nigga' blood, and releasing an idiotic comments in your flashes offends some people. Also, the retards here thrives on racism.. and for you to mock her is immature and foolish. I have enjoyed that nugget whatever as well it dulled out past the cop scene.. not because of the remark.. because it wasnt funny. Also, she was using my computer to leave that review and bitched at me forever for your rudeness. I'll also give you a honest review. 3/5 is what it deserves. Original, not stolen. Also, a score of 6/10 because of the comedy.

Miggs responds:

Nobody complained about the wop or mick comment, so the people bitching are hypocrites. Calling it an idiotic "comment" is ignorant, because you're only pissed because the word "nigger" was used. Grow up, please (talking to the white in you and the girl). The whole white race needs to grow up. I'm not going to take the social reprecussions of other white people's mistakes fifty years ago, especially when the mentality behind the reprecussion is so fucking skewed people don't see that by bitching about a black racial comment and ignoring another racial comment is twice as insulting to those of the other race.

There were undeniably some funny moments in this, but it wasn't that good. I liked the car that said, "Rape! Rape!". Dang, I'm a sociopath. I also was wondering if these guys were actual chicken nuggets. They didn't look like gold nuggets. Hey, this is my first review when Newgrounds in on this new format!

Congratulations to me I guess. This was just too long. Yep, the opening phone call was annoying. At least you warned us. Well, most people don't like this much either.

Burn in hell.

I dont like the racist comment, nor do I like saying stuff like this. Hearing that made me want to write this off! You guys are total asswipes for releasing that comment in that flash. I will give you an honest review anyway.

I give you an 2/5. I originally was going to give you a 4/5 but then you pissed me off with that ludacris comment.

Miggs responds:

Heh, looks like SOMEBODY didn't get it. You wouldn't be pissy if we, the Italian and Irish writers, just left it at Mick and Wop would you? No, because that kind of racism is okay. We can take a joke, and we can make them. LIGHTEN UP, NIGGA!

So sayith the Sludge Queen...

I found this to be quite annoying.

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Credits & Info

3.55 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2005
5:52 PM EST
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