Dogs From Space

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Definately not bad, but needs work

I just have 3 suggestions:

1. The music doesn't quite match the game you made. (Even though it is REALLY good. Helix6 Rules.)

2. You need to use the stopAllSounds() command when you die. Currently, If you die, and restart the game, the music from the old game, the one you just lost, mixes with the music from the game you just started. This makes for some really wierd stuff. I know you already know about this command. It seems you used it when the big dog gets shot...

3. If you are going to remake a game that has already been remade several times, make sure it has some unique aspect to it. I'm not sure what you would do when it comes to this game, but I'm sure you could come up with something. You obviously have lots of potential.

So keep on making games! I would just test it a little more before you release it on NG.

....not really my kinda style of game

I dont think the score should've been higher and I dont think the other gamez like this should have had as high as they did. I never really liked the space invader gamez though....kind of boring but I love the other old skool gamez though. Looks like a pretty good layout though so i'll give you 2/5. 1 thumb up t('.')

the score this game was is unfair

i have seen many games like this on NG that got over double the score this got just because of its theme. i beleive that this game should of got a much higher votes from peeps

I felt you did little in making a good remake

I appreciated your effort that went into this, I really did, but it just wasn't my type of thing...
I appreciated the fact that you took an old classic game Space Invaders, and made it into a dog style game for extra humour; but to be honest there's already so many remakes of "Space Invaders" and if you are going to remake the game you should at least make it modern, I mean come on it's ages after the first 8-bit games came out, I think you can somehow do a little better than that!
And you didn't really change anything, well except for turning the space into a car type thing with a triangle sticking out of it (was that a car? because it certainly was not clear), and turning the aliens into giant dog heads. DOG HEADS, that just does not make sense! At least if you were doing to do dogs as characters you should do full bodies, heads floating around in the air just looks ridiculous, and I actually laughed at that I'm sorry to say. I liked the classic style like keeping the same music that got faster and faster and the same aspect, but to be honest I'd prefer it if you just put the actual GAME on here instead of this. Enemies seemed to fire little cross shaped pieces of red turd at you and when you died you turned into a pile of green, which doesn't even make sense. The heads were facing different ways and it was just plain bland. You should at least explain the point of the game and the style you are using, otherwise we just wonder why dog heads are floating around. And the gameplay wasn't even gear either, sure it had those classical aspects but the enemies seemed too easy to beat, and I got the impression you were using the old classic aspects and gameplay of the game as an excuse for you taking little care of remaking this.
Overall I'd say a big dissapointment, especially when I was expecting so much more. You took a classical and respectable game and did little with it, so much that this is evem worse than the 1st version, and as a remake you shouldn't be doing that.

You have just been reviewed by

OjK responds:

well honesty i have uploaded the wrong version but the idea is its a cheap game thats goes wit my webbie. the new version is in progress and it will be up in a few days

smiling dog heads from space pose threat to earth

the fact that the purpose of the game is to try and protect the earth from giant dog heads pissed me off.

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1.67 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2005
6:32 AM EST
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