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Broken Saints CH 20 Act 4

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Author Comments

In the 4th instalment of Chapter 20 in the 24-part Broken Saints saga, RAIMI MATTHEWS starts to feel the full effects of the mushroom tea administered by KAMIMURA.
As his world dissolves into lines of code, we travel back with him to the his distant youth - a time at his Mother's bedside, during her darkest hour.



That was great, I've had experiances similar to the begining while on halucinogens and had really similar thoughts. So I found him really easy to identify with for the first bit of the episode.

Whoever it was who felt like whining about this episode and can't spell should stop watching it if they don't want to know whats going on. These last few have been slow but have given the characters a lot more depth and given us a better understanding of them, making them seem all the more real.

Its obvious when someone posts if they watch too much reality tv.

eh it was touching..enough already..

lol im a HUGE fan and ive watch all them so far and ima patient person but this 1..was so hard for me to sit through it it was good but ENOUGH of the slow 1s PLZ pick up the pace series almost done. btw reimi and oran are my favorite characters they have such good story lines

Raimi...what a good character

Hes is probably about the best character in the series. Hes been my favorite to watch throughout the whole thing....out of all three of the flashbacks, this was the best.

Thank you so much for this series.....ive told everyone I know about it....it so in depth and theres always a bit that keeps you coming back. Only problem is there is a few of the older chapters missing....its unfortunate because i sometimes miss the references from past chapters i havent seen. If you had this on dvd or as one complete file, i would actually pay for it, which is saying alot, since i rarely buy dvd's.

Thank you again, i cannot wait to get through this series!!


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Thanks again for this series.


Fuck all those people who say it isn't good. It's amazing. Keep at it. I just caught this one and thought it was GENIUS. I'm off to watch the rest of them.

I think the style is awesome, and I gave it an 8 for interactivity because it's almost like I'm reading a book (a good one).

Wonderful story.

Just because you redneck motherfuckers can't appreciate anything even slightly more intelligent than cows doesn't mean you should bash it. Go watch Digimon.

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Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2005
2:06 AM EST
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