Maniac Mansion 2

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*Older Computers, set the quality to low or medium, this is graphics intensive in some parts.

If anyone is wondering I am infact working on the 3rd.
On a side note the "submit to a collection" button now works! If you enjoyed this movie please recommend it to the VG parodies section.

Update:1/27/05*** This movie is scoring pretty good! I hope it gets put into the video game parodies section!
Finally it's done! Whew it's been nearly 1 year since I released Maniac Mansion.
The file size is a bit large but this movie has a lot of content packed in so hopefully it'll be worth it for you! I am very aware of how much 56k blows, I have it myself. So you might wanna go drain the lizard and fetch yourself a piece of toast or something while it loads.
Please Enjoy!


Great Comedies

Even without voices this is truly a master piece of madness lol


If I could give you more than the W00t and more than the 10's... I WOULD!
You are phenomenal! That lenght, never ever getting boring, the ideas!!! You're going to be on my favourites list!
you know what? I ever thought of this Edna being an horny grandma since the first time I "met" her (french-kissing the 'young guy' behind her... *ROFL*).
You truly re-used the models and did something totally creatively new, nobody else would ever thought of (smashing the game machines around *LOL*). It was stunning, amazing. You earn my respect!!!
And for those one's who give you a shitty score: those are whom who are not capable to pay attention to something that's over 30 seconds and those who are so young they just grew up with this pokemon garbage and not with the good old stuff.. yeah, lucasarts sure ruled in those days *sigh* too bad, that it seems they give up on adventures :-/
Nevertheless, it are people like you who will keep this alive. Actually more than that. This was just ingenious!! I will watch your other movies right away, but first I needed to state on this one.
And it's also incredible, that this movie only takes 3MB.. wowowow!

For sure, you have at least one fan, me :)

Oh God not Maniac mansion...

I'd play for days and still could never beat it. And the only progress I ever got was from doing stupid stuff. like, Oh, no, I wont run AWAY from the person trying to catch me!! I'll give him this box! OMFG IT WORKED!?????! Another classic moment. "get knives" [the knives are stuck to the wall] "Well what the fuck GOOD are they!!!!"
Man. That game sucked. 'scuse me while I go try and beat it again.

fasdit responds:

Hahaha! Your funny! But seriously dude if its pissing you off that much just use a walkthrough or somethin. Good luck I guess. ;)

that was really good

thats was really good, keep at it. it looks like u worked hard on making that :)

Good Work!

I love MM, playing it as a kid, this movie brings back all the good ole memories, Keep it up!

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3.72 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2005
7:40 PM EST
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