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Maniac Mansion 2

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Author Comments

*Older Computers, set the quality to low or medium, this is graphics intensive in some parts.

If anyone is wondering I am infact working on the 3rd.
On a side note the "submit to a collection" button now works! If you enjoyed this movie please recommend it to the VG parodies section.

Update:1/27/05*** This movie is scoring pretty good! I hope it gets put into the video game parodies section!
Finally it's done! Whew it's been nearly 1 year since I released Maniac Mansion.
The file size is a bit large but this movie has a lot of content packed in so hopefully it'll be worth it for you! I am very aware of how much 56k blows, I have it myself. So you might wanna go drain the lizard and fetch yourself a piece of toast or something while it loads.
Please Enjoy!

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"Every night its the same thing!"
Lol, this was even better than the first! I can tell you put a lot of work into this one. Thank you for sharing the art book with us too.

Off the charts hillarious

Maniac Mansion is my all time favorite game and you my good man have done the game justice to no end with this side splitting parody. You are now my all time favorite flash artist and I BEG you to make more MM parodies like this. KICK ASS!

Way better

Looks way better than the first. The music was great. It was dragged on. Another thing was you didn't need to push the button to move on you could just press the screen. It was funny for the first part, but after the band part it was a little boring. You got potential so make more.

~The Review Request Club~


wel the sound was also good in this one. the graphics were good, but you only used sprites. there was also some humor.

well i think the whole thing was way to long, it had to be over 10 minites. you also don't use the sprites that intrestly.

ok flash movie

fasdit responds:

Thanks for the review! I agree I should have tried to make it shorter.


I was kind of dissapointed in this one. When I pressed play and noticed all those "buttons" on the bottom, I thought it would be a game. Lo and behold, I click them, and realized they were just a part of the movie.

The graphics were still good. Seemed to improve much more than the original, and you are a better sprite artist. Some parts like the gun, were hard to make out though. It would be nice if you had a wider selection of guns to choose from.

I'm skipping sound to focus more on the interactivity. The button pressing for me just gets tedious. I have to have my hand on the cursor just to watch a movie and keep clicking next over and over again. It would be nice if could be one fluid animation. Or, just change it into a game, and let people play a parody version of Maniac Mansion.

Alright humor. You didn't bring anything new to make me laugh out loud. Good for a quick chuckle, but when you watch it again, the jokes are too predictable.

So overall, alright flash with tedious interactivity.
Grade: B- (would be lower, but I like you)

fasdit responds:

Ah the dreaded button pushing! Sorry if I broke your finger with the onslaught of text >:D
I did away with the button pushing in 3. Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

4.37 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2005
7:40 PM EST