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Hello Newgrounds!
The author of "Smile!" and "Aura" brings you another side project gone too big - POLSUPAH!
This here is an absolute milestone as far as my flashmaking - it has SOUND(!), actual VOICES (!!) and is in full TECHNICOLOR (!!!) - caan't bellieve et... But it's true, ladies and gentlemen.

Before we start, the usual warning: "May not be liked by everyone but was never meant to be liked by everyone."

Thank you, and enjoy the show! :)



its so freakin funny

Oh no

The carpet is ruined!

Another Great Work!

I decided to never make a flash review again, because I`m not that good with words. Well, I`m changing this year then let`s try it.
Your flash had enough action to hold my attention, then I could enjoy your animation style (really scary, but attractive at the same time), with that amount of blood so exaggerated, something impossible to ignore even considering all the nonsense going on at the same time.
The way the man came inside the house, actually imposing their person and then the product in some way shows what actually happens with those street vendors. They first discover the weak point of the person, then make he forget what really should matter, using his will to be accepted to grow the thought that only by doing something in such a way you can be somebody, becoming advertising of the product that the vendors got.
The mother's concern about washing the best way possible boy's shirt for the first day of school was discovered by that scary guy, who killed her son, but he had transferred all her attention to the shirt, then she couldn't see the kid dying, just the shirt being covered with blood. That's when he shows the product, the Polsupah, good enough to make her be accept in the society.
She saw the Polsupah power, thinking in how she could be accept now, then even do sex with him to show gratitute, being a good example of that fashions slaves, but in this case she became a Polsupah slave...
I'm not clever, but I'm your fan... Hope that's enough for me, and if it's good for your, gonna be better for me! xD

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why did he f.... her

wow wtf she got that real hard lol

I am scarred for life.

However that was very funny, and the animation was good too. Also that salesman is going to give me nightmares for the rest of my days.

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4.22 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2005
5:13 PM EST
Comedy - Original