Broken Saints CH.20 ACT 3

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In Part 3 of this 5-part major chapter in the Broken Saints series, ORAN (the Muslim mercenary with the military chip implant) struggles against the psychadelic effects of the 'medicine' administered by KAMIMURA (the Shinto priest).
But his resistance is futile...the drug overtakes his consciousness and immerses him in memories of his childhood friend (HASSAN from Chapters 3, 10, and 12) and the day that he joined the Iraqi Republican Guard.
It is here, in the suburbs of Baghdad, that Oran will face the memory of his fundamentalist father...and the wrath of American bombs.
(DIRECTOR'S NOTE - all dialogue from Oran's father in this act is collected from exact translated quotes from the HOLY KORAN - bb)



It was alright but I didn't like it much.

meh it was ok....

not really my style.. but i liked it. good job. all together it isnt a bad series, but i dont exactley like the story. keep up the good work

Goddamn, but I love Oran.

Just when you thought it was safe to read submissions, the illiteri make their return, confusing Judaism (three thousand years before Christianity) and Islam (about seven or eight hundred years after) while offering nothing to the conversation. I realize this is opening is pointless, as the people that would most benefit from it are either unwilling or unable to do so, but it still bears saying.

A work done in Flash does not require animation; really, Flash is just a tool used to create a synthesis of audio and visual media on a computer screen. It has comparative ease of use that makes it ideal for telling stories on the web, most of which are as stunted as their creators, and yet said creators often grow over time and evolve into artists of a kind. Other works - the Brackenwood series, most anything by Legendary Frog, and the ever popular Madness - show the creativity of the artists and provide an interesting commentary on life in the beginning of this strange millenium.

Broken Saints is something else entirely. It takes place in the real world - the science contained within is, at the very least, plausible. The situations and characters - actual characters - are real, relevenant, and contain a depth that is rarely found in any medium. This is one of the reasons I love it as much as I do; the combination of style and substance, drawing from such diverse sources as the Wachowskis, Lynch, Gaiman, and the like. I want to give these entires perfect scores, but, having seen the DVDs, are unable to do so.

As an example of the perfection of the series, witness this Act. A portrait of hope and promise betrayed in the name of greed, of faith led astray in the name of vengeance and grief. This is powerful storytelling - story being a synthesis of plot and character - that is meant to provoke thought. I urge those of you that are enjoying this to check out the Broken Saints website, where the other chapters are, and where you can see them at your leisure.

There are four chapters after this. All except the finale have three Acts, for those that are curious, while the finale itself offers itself in seven Acts. If you can watch the initial Act of the finale without feeling a shiver go up your spine, then you are made of hardier stuff than I. This is heady stuff, the most potent of drugs.

I'm just glad this is getting a showcase here, and that most of you seem to be enjoying it. Those of you that don't, that's fine - this is certainly not for everyone. But if you're going to regale us with criticism, at least explain what you're talking about, and realize that the series has been complete for a year, and that there are voices on the DVD.


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I had enough of your jewish shit! Next time you make a movie don't do some comic book slide show.

This shouldn't even be considred a flash you muslim piece of shit!!!

That was excellent man.

I love almost everyone of your episodes man. That was some serious religous stuff man. Pretty good man. This is not better than the other ones but it's a great episode. Like a comic book.

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