Broken Saints CH.20 ACT 3

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In Part 3 of this 5-part major chapter in the Broken Saints series, ORAN (the Muslim mercenary with the military chip implant) struggles against the psychadelic effects of the 'medicine' administered by KAMIMURA (the Shinto priest).
But his resistance is futile...the drug overtakes his consciousness and immerses him in memories of his childhood friend (HASSAN from Chapters 3, 10, and 12) and the day that he joined the Iraqi Republican Guard.
It is here, in the suburbs of Baghdad, that Oran will face the memory of his fundamentalist father...and the wrath of American bombs.
(DIRECTOR'S NOTE - all dialogue from Oran's father in this act is collected from exact translated quotes from the HOLY KORAN - bb)

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Broken Saints Chapter 20 Act 3 was really good showed you more of Oran`s past in this one about he`s father, cannot wait to see where this goes.

Graphics: Great artwork and animation some good colours in this.
Sound Effects: Loved them as always.
Music: Great music in this one islamic music which is always good.

10/10 stars this one great Act keep them coming!!

I love the use of colors.

Everyone has their own color of thought bubbles. The memories each person is different and HER EYES are always blue... DEEP blue.

The effort put into each and every Episode is truely a marvle.


As always, great.
The story is really coming along. Can't wait to see the last little bit.

PS The singing in the background of Oran's vision/memory is the islamic call to preyer, going something along the lines of "Allah is the one true god, Muhammad is his profit, come and worship" Thats pretty close. It is heard very frequently in Islamic areas, and has even been a point of contention in some communities.

Islamic groups in the US sometimes want to put up a loudspeaker for the call, and neighbors don't like it, saying they don't have the right to. Never mind that Catholic, Lutherin, etc. churches ring bells to summon people to survices.

(oops, a ps longer than my origional message... Sorry)

I agree with digitalknightmare

Amazing...just amazing. I love this series. It is so incredibly deep. It hits home.


This episode just floored me.

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Jan 27, 2005
3:34 PM EST
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