Disgaea: Episode 2

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This is Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. I have decided to do a series based on one of my favourite video games. The art work in this flash have all been taken directly from the game. I just love the game so much I didn't want it to end, So I will follow the games story line somewhat, and add some of my own material. Voices have all been done by me.


Master Lamington!

This was another great entry in this series because you once again really let the emotions do the acting. While the characters did not move their mouths, it was great to have dialogue. It gets even better when Rina-chan voices Etna and Flonne. I think these cartoons were the first time I ever heard of the Disgaea series. While I doubt I will ever play it, it's great to be introduced to the cast and story this way. The characters all look so amazingly adorable, especially considering most are demons.

The penguins are easily the funniest part as they have the best voices. I loved how you spelled it "dood". It was great to see some action scenes in the non sprite parts of the movie, even if there was not much action. I am so disappointed it has literally been YEARS since you put out a new episode. If you cancelled it, I am glad it came out while it lasted!

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great i liked mid-boss

but Defender of earth is funny as well i want to see him

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Master Lamington Master Lamington

Mid-Bosses Voice Is As Annoying As Hell!!!...The Way It Should Be Nice Job

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When will you have the girl's voices?
Wow nice Mid-Boss Voice
From now on your Mid-Boss ^-^

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Pretty sweet. Your laugh sounds just like Mid-Boss.

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Jan 26, 2005
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