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Seeing that some people thought it was good...i decide they were right. i was being a sore loser and i apologize, this is here to stay and it will.


fun but...

This was an alright game but it could use abit more such as a better interface at the start just a few design changes might help

more borders cooler buttons and such

An ok game i thought but needs more improving



You might add something how to play the game, something like..INSTRUCTIONS!
oh, and the Graphics were pretty good btw.

Shadow Flare's Review

Note: I judge submissions by the standards of today despite the date it was submitted nor the author's talents with flash at the time.

Graphics: 6 - The graphics were acceptable except it lacked background.

Style: 1 - Not really that good of a game.. not really a game...

Sound: 3 - A little bit of sound.. just a little.

Violence: 0 - Does not apply to this submission.

Interactivity: 1 - I do count this in this submission. It was labled as a game, which it is not. All you do is click some text and then hover your mouse over a bull.

Humor: 0 - Not funny at all...

Overall: 3 - I average the scores together that would count for this submission to give the author a fair enough score.

Not a bad start

Although there isn't much put in this flash, it was quite good. I didn't know how to get the person off the bull until I tried to stop when the text flashed. I looked what it said and I knew what to do. I did have a bit of a laugh at the end, but when it mentions the instructions, you should either let be on more frames or try and use some actionscript or something else to stop the flash when I see the instructions. Not bad overall. I just think that there could be big improvements on your future flashes.

Wasn't really a game...

....But the graphics were pretty great :)

Nice idea, keeeeeep it oop :)

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1.40 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2005
7:19 PM EST
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