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Ok...If you have seen this before here on NGs its cause it was stolen from me(It was a months ago but I think the stolen flash is still around here} Anyway, This is like a tribute to the JTHM by Jhonen Vazquez(Invader Zim creator) so the characters and the story are NOT mine, I took a specific comic strip and animate it so you can blame me for lack of originality but not stealing xP


Well, it was a good try at least.

Not quite like the comic, but better than some other sutff that came out so far tonight.


I really liked this: it has a Salad Fingers kind of style, yet it was very original. A lot of suspence and good art style make this movie a very good submission.

This will pass the judgement and hopefully win awards. Well done!

Chisa responds:

Haha, Thanks but like I said before this are not my characters :P

Very good..

I am a huge JTHM fan, as well as Squee, invader zim and the rest of his works. I think you did a great job recreating the comic strip, though i do have a few suggestiongs. The comic strip is know a lot for its blood and gore, so u think that hsould be one of your main focuz points, making it as gruesome as it can be. The second, which goes to all comic books is the voice acting. Its jtu hard to find the right voice because everyone hears a different voice in their head narrarating. I know myself for instince pictured him having a more calm voice that was slightlyhappy sounding and bright and sunny which made him all the more spookier. I don't expect you to understand hte last sentence much. So I guess you can use the voice for Johnny if you wish, but perhaps to have the option to have johnny's speech written and not voiced could imporove it for others. Other than that, great job on the artwork. You really captured the JV style. Keep it up!

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Jan 25, 2005
10:50 PM EST