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The Surface of the Water

rated 4.07 / 5 stars
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Jan 25, 2005 | 7:56 AM EST

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Author Comments

Two kids at the shore fall in love with the surface of the water.



Rated 4 / 5 stars


I think we all can tell, you really pt some efforts into this piece of work, and i will give u credit for this.

I was sold when i saw those rain drops fall into the water, amasing art-work.

Im saying this with some ambivalent feelings though, i was a bit frustrated, that you really didn't give this movie a plot.

so therefore i can only give you 4/5

but im looking forward, seeing more flashes from a talent like you.


BlackmarketKraig responds:

Hmm... well, I sort of thought that it had a plot (that rhymes). Maybe that was just in my head though... At any rate it IS about something, but whether or not that something is obvious or if it is totally based on interpretation is not something I'm very good at identifying.

Does that make any sense? I think I'm getting inscrutableness all over myself...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice Work...

We can tell that you worked hard on this, the effects, like the stone throwing, ripples in the water are great.
A nice and relaxing flash, just what i need when i come home from college.
So great work!

BlackmarketKraig responds:

Thank you! Glad I could be of service.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fantastic atmosphere

I really liked the animation, I didn't think it was too slow, and the atmosphere was very good, I also think that it benefited from NOT having voice actors, and I thought that the graphics were very good, especialy the rain hitting the water. The only thing I didn't really like was the music, it started to grate on me a bit, I think that it was the right mood, but a better, although similar song shold be used. Though I don't see this appealing to the masses due to its subdued nature, much like chinease (non martial arts chinease) cinema. Anyway, good job, and I'm also impressed that you bother to reply to your reviews. Keep up the good work!

BlackmarketKraig responds:

Thank you, I'm impressed that you bothered to READ all the reviews!

The song got pretty grating for me too, but mostly due to the fact that I heard it ten-thousand times on a really low quality setting while I was making this! :P


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It was good, but I think it moved too slowly. I was half asleep by the end of it. That doesn't make it bad, but just not very exciting. (excuse my spelling)

BlackmarketKraig responds:

Thanks for taking the time to review. :) I must have done something right for you to give me a seven!

Anyway, that seems to be a relatively common complaint with regards to my movies. :P

I suppose it's just the natural way for me to make them.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I wish upon a star -_-'

A truly artistic composition. Great work! The only thing missing here would be some voice actors. Heh.

BlackmarketKraig responds:

Thanks for the positive feedback and good score!

I dunno about voice acting, so much can go wrong in the incorporation of that...

I'm sure I will have some in future submissions, but for now I'm cozy whithout it. :)

Thanks for reviewing!