Boobs, Butt, or Shoulder?

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Test your knowledge of the female form! Another totally perverted game from ZipperFish.com! 30 questions where you have to identify the correct body part... Boobs, Butt, or Shoulder! Plus, some totally unrelated questions thrown in for fun.


I recall this being a go-to Flash game for me when I was in the fourth grade; I never heard the narrator when I played it back then, because I would consistently mute the game to ensure a minimum likelihood of my parents noticing that I was playing it. I've absolutely no idea how I managed to avoid such a consequence in retrospect because it seems inevitable; the computer I used to play it was located amid the living room and my parents would circumambulate it on a regular basis. They were ever lenient in the face of computer use, either, I remember all kinds of umbrage ensuing over some of the penchants I held while browsing the internet. One time I printed a picture of Jason Voorhees holding a machete to a man's throat and their reaction was only an iota short of holding one to mine. Either my 10 year old self had ninja-tier internet browser tab/window changing stealth, or my forehead used to be large enough to completely obscure my computer monitor as I used it.

I also wonder how adept I was at the game back then; I achieved a 22 out of 30 just now and have a feeling that I held the luster to prevail past that when I was young and virile. This game is a piece of my life and will be forever; it's kind of funny to see that the model links at the end all lead to parked domains now.

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It's good and special but if you will create a sequel add sexier bitches because these are not so sexy :3

Rated Adult for "excessive" nudity? Really? Butts and partially covered boobs are Mature/some nudity at worst, and nothing else would even put the game above Teen according to your labels.

Anyway this game is entertaining, but not really that fair aside from playing through it again and memorizing all the answers. It barely or not even shows you enough to make out what it is, only gives you a few seconds to answer, and then insults you for getting it around as if it should've been obvious. I realize that's kind of the point of the game, but still. The unrelated questions are also a bit unfair, because you get penalized for not knowing random trivia that otherwise has nothing to do with the game.

boobs are awesome


Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5nPR4rmBu0

watch it at 5:17-5:25 , I am not lying !!!!! DEAS ASS!!!! and good game btw :P.

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Jan 25, 2005
5:44 AM EST
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