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Broken Saints CH 20 ACT 1

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In this first of 5 parts, the Shadow Men slowly reveal more of their insidious plot...as well as the first glimmers of tension between them.
Meanwhile, in a decrepit motel in the downtown core, RAIMI and ORAN try to plan what to do next...as KAMIMURA prepares a special medicine for SHANDALA that they all must partake in.


this is the longest flahs anything in history

a little slow but the movie is still awesome very good conecpt worl domination sort of thing isn't too new but u have reconfigured it i like ur style and hope to see more of it

Good but too slow!

When we read a comic book or a graphic novel, we scan the panels and pages at our own pace. We look at each scene, read the text, observe the visual elements and move on. Once we've received what each frame has for us, we don't have to wait for the next one.

However, when you make an animation you should remember that your audience is at
your mercy. Even the best graphics can't make up for the boredom that sets in while waiting for the story to move along. I think your work would be much better if you try for a little more lively pacing.

Another great episode.

Yeah! more broken saints. I still think it's a slow going sersies though. But I still like it, it's very dark and mysterious. I don't get Y people gives this zeros. This is alot of effort and even if you don't like it very much because it's slow-going or just simply don't get the point you should still give this a decent score. Those Pics has got to be hard to draw. There are alot of stupid people on NG that vote very stupidly because they're'nt patient enough to watch and enjoy the whole thing.




i like the style of the flash. i just started and i'm not patient enough to watch it from the beginning, but i think i'll keep watching it from here on in. nice and dark and deep.

You guys didnt even see the rest of hte movi..

The Wizard of Oz thing isnt apart of it, its just used to prove a point. Most of you guys just Xed it out when you saw the wizar dof oz, you gotta watch more, the actual broken saints part is deeper into it.

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Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2005
11:22 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place January 26, 2005