Broken Saints CH 20 ACT 1

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In this first of 5 parts, the Shadow Men slowly reveal more of their insidious plot...as well as the first glimmers of tension between them.
Meanwhile, in a decrepit motel in the downtown core, RAIMI and ORAN try to plan what to do next...as KAMIMURA prepares a special medicine for SHANDALA that they all must partake in.

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Ah, yes

the good old powerful peoples' royal bloodlines.

YES tea equals saving a life!

I found the first part with the shadow men a bit confusing at first, but now I think I get the gist of what evil plots they are up to. And I am now pretty certain that the men are Palmer and his father. BTW, was that comment about family ties and the Commander-in-thief a reference to old Dubya? The boot certainly fits.
I found the second part nothing exceptional (by broken saints standards) but it is these small parts that keep the story moving. I am very sad at how wasted poor Shandala looks, she looks almost as old as Kamimura. I found it rather sweet to see the four saints finally together, talking together over cups of tea (to which I am quite addicted.) And I am not worried by what Kamimura put in it, although calling it poison was a mistake in terminology. I can't wait to see the consequences, and if they are still mad at him after.
Tea makes everything better!
gets my fours

i just love BS!

dude... im soo buying the dvd now! this is awesome!

first review of broken saints, probably the last

Pretty nice so far. I can't wait to see the ending. 2 for humor because of the poison thing and the intro. BTW, the intro was pretty f**ked up. I mean, the Wizard of Oz??? o.O

what happened to the series being 12 hours?

It's been a whole day and the only thing keeping me from an aching
headache and sleep is caffine, but i'm running low on it... I just got done with this act and it's been 23 hours and 36minutes so far, with no stops in between and I've almost made it to the final episode, but I don't think I can stay awake much longer.... by the way it was pretty funny when he said he put a better poisen in the tea.

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Jan 24, 2005
11:22 PM EST
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