Howto choose a Secratary

June 18, 2001 –
December 14, 2011
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Here, Enjoy, Choose a secratary!


I think you should move away from this kind of entry, where all you are doing is finding thingsthat were mildly popular on the internet and submitting them in a Flash slideshow. It smacks of no effort and you get the feeling that you wanted to submit something to the Portal, but didn't have the time nor the inclination to make something original. Come on, you can easily do better than this!

its a pretty good game but could be longer and more interactive

number 1 and number 2 are deff milfs hell yeah make more please

the second chicks hot id do her in the ass the first chick i would tit fuck make more!

make another 1 called how to chose a female superstar!!

wow i liked this one, i really needed a wake up call like that one, great job, on that, wheeew that made my day, heheheheheh...

I found this to be extremely amusing. This was simple, but great to look at over and over again. Keep up the good work.

i thought this would've been a game but my penis and i liked it just the way it was... i know everyone will like this... i had alot of fun... keep this up!

I was expecting some kind of game or funny joke. I liked this much more

I liked it alot it needs to be alil longer but it gets 2 thumbs up

u need to make it alittle longer

yah make more tips ....alot more tips

you should add more tips

I hope everyone realizes that that first part of the summary was a joke. This is yet another bunch of porn pics designed as a game, but with none of the fun of the Dress Up games or those fake Britney pic montages. The only redeeming part is that it was a little humorous, but nothing even close to special.

Great, this is the best game ive played on Newgrounds yet, i bet people have played better but im new and i like this game :)

This is a ripoff of someone else...the name of the person escapes me. But, I do salute the women with a great big shwing!

I saw this somewhere else..You stole it

ive had this on my harddrive for like .......3 years and u didnt make it u just put the little next buttin at the bottom but it is
pretty funny and i liked it

This is The best.. Da,m, i wish I could have a secretary like that!


Its an accurate and biting commentary on the common hiring practices of corporate america. Way to go in that aspect. Otherwise its really just an excuse for guys to look at porn. *yawn*

Somewhat funny, but why is it in with the games? You don't control anything and it's more like an adult greeting card that you would get on blue mountain or something.

you wanted naked hot women this is it i was so surprised 2 see this it was still funny though i wish they had one for the girls( a man secretary) ya know

I thought that the movie was great! And for all you people who said that you seen it a million times and say to give it a zero cuz its old, why did'nt you put it on NG? That was a funny movie!

it was very good to look at!

That was great. Those ladies had some nice bodies.

Worthwhile, I mean, its short, and funny idea. I didn't laugh out loud but it didn't waste my time either. I agree with the other guy (the one b4 me)--the women could look better. But then again, unless you're some porno-king, you can't be picky.

yeah...theres a lot of pics of nude chicks out there. but can you at least try to find better ones?

I liked it, good job. where did you get those pics!

when i looked at the name, i thought PORN. hahahahah


nothing else reall going on here but a desperate chance for adolescent male america to drool in unison. however, those seeking porn have better places to go than NG, so it's best to leave porn to porn sites.

Bravo, a wonderful piece of work...what the net was made for. (I am of course referring to the brilliant and ironic use of post-feminist, new-laddish humour and the way it makes us question the role of the secratary as the office sex object and only position available for women in the workplace. Smash that glass ceiling sisters!!! I'll be right behind you (especially if you are wearing that very short skirt...mmmm...minis!)

Who ever thought of this is a genious,thank you.

Good Job man keep it up.

this is pretty good. make more if you can. an idea would be to make one on what to do to your secretary.

wow, although its not much of a game, i managed to beat out 3 orgasms from watching this movie. Awesome tits, awsome pussys, absolutely grade A masterbation material!

Ok well nice try throwing 15 frames together and calling it a flash movie. that was total shit. the only reason youre movie is somewhat popular because you had some naked girls with big tits in there. lucky for you, 12 year old retards often enjoy these types of movies, and vote 5 on it. otherwise your movie was pretty crappy, if it was longer and had better graphics it woulda been alright.

verrrrry nice, verrrry well done, yet so true!

T & A all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try this: Press the button real fast. You get to see it all while homer says, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm incapasitating

aint dat da truff

what eals do you look for in good head i mean a good secratiry nice jugs with nice well i enjoyed it

Ironically, I had to fire my secretary last week, so this comes at a very good time. Really! Hope it wasn't stolen, because it has many things that I love including HOMER SIMPSON. Oh well, guess it probably was stolen. Whatever. If your gonna steal something, at least show me some t&a. Thank you Mr Anarchy.

This was great, you should make more stuff like this!

this is funny and shows a creative use of hard pix archives.........

Hey, anything with this much pointless, gratuitous nudity is fine by me.

need I say more?

Ok, so its just pics with some speech at the end, but it has tits and ass in it, so let the good times roll!!!!!

your the best writer ive ever seen please make more and ive been trying to make a good web-site i was just wondering if you could help me with it please respond . plus if you gave this a bad review licks there Mom douch bag which for you idiots who dont know what it is its a bag which women use to wash out their pussy or the kitty cat or the bush or Mrs.Harry who comes out at night.Peace Anarchy please respond.P.S my hamster Willow died Soth Park rocks and so does my Mom

I agree with the ending . Could of had better lokkin chicks

ohhhhohhhohhhhhohoohohhhhhhhoo ooohhhhhhhh................... ...............yeah.... me likie......oooohhhhoooohhhhhho oooooooooooooooo............

where do u get this from?

You could see this in porn sites. Quite simple. How did it get up so far?

Only 2 were hot....the rest were grosse.


i liked it. but that is really how they choose. so quit your bitchin.

The commentary was funny, if poorly spelled. The concept was entertaining in the over-blown humor kind of style. Not too bad.

those chicks had really really really big tits!!! LIKE REALLY BIG TITS! for small people those are a pair of big tits i'll tell u.

the animation was non-existent, but the pics make up for it.

yeah, so I'm a woman, nut that does'nt mean I can't have an opiniiion. Though, I guess I would do the same when it comes to male secretarys. Mmmmmmmmmm . . . . . . . .
Now that's a video I could watch. :-)

I'm sorry but that was the most funniest thing i have ever saw.

thanx for the free and unexpected hard-on, mr. the anarchy

i like it. nobody should give this under a 6.

Watch this and give it a four or at least a 3. Its a much watch film. Make more.

Well it apears sex sells, it could have used a little work but overall it was funny and had good resolution on the "pictures". The Homer Simpson voice was a nice touch. keep up the good work. now only if i can arrest some bigun's......

kick ass movie,or show rather.


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