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Escape: The Room

rated 3.36 / 5 stars
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Adventure - Point 'n Click

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Jan 24, 2005 | 9:35 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place January 25, 2005

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Author Comments

A lot of time and actionscript went in this one.
I am glad it's finished...
This game was inspired bij Crimson room and MOTAS

when you are stuck always remember that it can be done!

good luck!!


wow almost 50,000 visitors, dispite of the bugs...

well when my next one comes out Escape: the house, i promise that there wont be as much bugs....
if it ever comes out...



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Kickass game!! Make more. ;D

I gave everything a 10 because, damn, this game is the SHIT!!

I love you.

Make more of this.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This one's a toughy! Looks as good as it plays!

This game looks as nice as it plays. A lot of the first person flash games have slopping control, and clicking on different objects is difficult. Not so in this game- it's smooth 3D modeling never leaves you wondering "Where am I now?" or "How'd I get here?". It's super hard though- I'd have never made it through without help from the comments page. *WARNING: SPOILERS*. There was no clue about the false bottom on the trash can. If little hints were dropped, it would definately take the frustration factor down a notch. Still, grade A material here.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This must've taken a lot of work

Now one of the reasons I come to Newgrounds is to play these games. And this is one of the rare gems that as is said, wins the net. Waking up in a strange room, a normal person would start looking for a way out. But it just seemed so british when he said; "Just 10 more mins." Nice. It was tough. I had to read the reviews to solve. Also this is a real labour of love. Those 3-D grphics took a bit of work I bet. Anyone can cobble some art together on paint or Tablet and animate it on say flash. It takes a bit more skill to construct something thats 3-D. Don't listen to what the other trols say. They're jealous that this game is good and they can't play a game if their life depended on it. Still that sequel sounds fun. I saw no bugs. Guess they must've been fixed but that right click play is the only bug I can find.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good Job man

This game was awesome because you needed to use stuff outside of your game!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


That was one pimping game!!!! I liked every part of it. It even stumped me on the differnt font thing. A lot of people thought that that part was stupid, but I thought that it was great! Nicey done. And a lot of retards couldn't figure out that the 4th button on the radio was the "off" button. I also liked the false lids, that was sweet! The 9 chip was a bit hard. Mabye you should have marked something. Oh well. ______________________________ ____________P.S. For you other people, the "0" chip is under the dresser, the "1" chip is in the bottom drawer. The "2" chip is under the pillow. The "3" chip is under the false lid of the trash can (use a dagger on it). The "4" chip is under the left side of the bed. The "5" and "7" chips are in the trash. The "6" chip is behind the curtins. The "8" chip is in the top drawer (the key to it is under the false lid of the trash can). and the "9" chip is under the right side of the bed. At the bottom of the trash can (under the false lid). There are five symbols. Go to Any word program and type in 1234567890. Then change the font to "Wingding". Match the symbols in the trash, up with the symbols on the program. w/e order there in, that's the code.-------------- The code is "39051". Then there is some key in it that does nothing. Crack the false lid in the chest with the dagger. Take the axe and use it on the door to take it down. Then "You Win"!!!!--------!@#$%^&*OR!! Or you can just right click, then click "Play" on the pull down menu to instanly win! -Thank you - Thank you Oh yeah, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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