One and a Half-Life

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Gordon goes to the hazard course, but he screws up big time.


dont worry

well dude it was pretty bad but im giving you a 10 and a 5 for trying...eveyone has to start somewhere and i think you have the right idea..good luck and also half life and 2/3 was funny (i think the stick part was inteded

good luckl in ur flash career

That was horrible.

How long did it take you to make this? The graphics an animations flat out sucked, the sound was dispicable, and the only part that was remotely funny was at the beginning when Gordon got the suit wrapped up around his face.

I can see through all of it that you made an attempt, but you really need to work harder on any Half-Life flashes in future.

Bodie responds:

This was my first flash i ever made, give me a break, its very sad to see you havent submitted any flashes to newgrounds yourself... or perhaps you have but they were too crap to get through, at least i'm here giving it a go... make something better than this as your first flash and then come back and complain about mine.

that was good

i didnt think that a few parts were real coz in half life you can't ditch yuor crowbar but that was got but diferent

god damn dude!

dude,when my page is ready i th1nk j00 can download better hev suit from there.i think you should make better grapichs.BUT THAT
w.w.w..acmesticks..t.k...i cant put URL.wahaha.anyway,it is comin soon.


I give sound a -10.
Most boring and stupid movie of Half Life. And some people still call it a parody!!!
Watching this movie there were jokes that made me laugh sarcasticly, wich means that they are RETARDED.
To see something FUNNY, see Two Thirds Life (in my profile).

Bodie responds:

Jeez, isnt somebody up themselves.... 'ooh, that was crap, i am a much better flash artist than you'. how can anyone have respect for such a rude guy. sure, the graphics werent great, the sound did suck, but we have to start learning somewhere... the graphics were made that way because its just a style, and also because i was just learning when i made this so of course it isnt gonna be that great... your such a tool, i bet you wrote a letter to nintendo when super mario came out complaining about the lack of bump mapping and other fancy 3d effects... oh, and i just watched your so called better than my movie... kinda sad... most of us flash artists got over drawing stick figures in proper flashs before we started submitting things to newgrounds.

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3.08 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2005
11:58 PM EST
Comedy - Parody