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It was short, and it's good that it was because it's cool that way. So much black and white fun in a short period of time.
I liked the way you put emotion into it.
It was so confusing, but.. woosh! Gunshots so on so forth.
This could have been about anything. Who knows what you where thinking at the time while making this movie.

Anyways, the art was great and it had good style.
You got skillzzzz.

4/6 (Good enough that it made me kick my mom in the face.)

Looks amazing!!

I would of give u a higher vote, but i'm sick of seeing great animators wasting time on generic movies about guns, death and violence.

And i hate the whole " FIN " thing... just say " THE END " or even... just let it finish, people sort if know if the movie stops, its the end. ;)

nice FLASH WORK, well done

good but

i don't really like the black and white ... anyway great movie

Black and white = Sweeeeeet.

The music was pretty cool and the violence was good too, I really enjoy watching your flash, DrDeath.

Noir at a fine art... very nice.

but you know what really suprised me? i didnt have a damn clue what was going on hahah.
excellent style of animation, and you made a pretty cool movie all up i say. nice graphics, with detail where it's required, and the animation was quite smooth at times, also.
the song really went well with the graphics, it thought. it seemed like something from The Excorcist mixed with the X-Files theme to me, haha.
well done.

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3.41 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2005
10:28 PM EST
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