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Jan 23, 2005 | 10:21 PM EST

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This is something I made not really for entertainment value (though the song kicks the ass). I made this to try to help people who can't decide what to really think. Hope you enjoy.



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right on =P

i do totally aggre with ya, most americans are pretty stupid (ya im talking about u south! . . . and california -__-) but u came on a bit strong, like i said MOST americans are stupid, dont judge us as a group, judge us as individuals, as we are not all one group, we have different beleifs and opinoins on what is going on in the world at the moment, so, like i said, i aggre with ya, just dont blame all of us (thumbs up)


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hm some of the facts

I admit that some of your facts are correct but you must also be fair. Keep in mind if 9/11 had not happened the war would be unfounded and none of these wars would have started. Second Sudam had been a wanted terrorist for quite sometime and Bush was the first to act to take him. We have had several chances to remove him. And my final statement DO NOT FORGET that their country is just as brainwashed the only difference is that it was brainwashed by a dictator. Please take this all into consideration BEFORE you make another movie.


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Some folks of old, maaade to wave the flag...

You get a Zero January 23, 2005

Reviewed by: phatie420 Overall Score: 0

Just another clueless sonofabitch, go join the green party hippy. People like this make me sick.

wow dude, i feel your pain when you say that most of those reviews are idiots trying to act smart. but i definetly agree with your message. though it may not be what everyone wants to hear, its the truth (at least in my own eyes). the man has started 2 wars already, helped out his UberCorp buddies at Halliburton and ENRON, has aimed to put a plan to eliminate stem cell research and usage, apparently helped his rich oil-guzzling pals the Bin Ladens in Saudi Arabia hide their kid, and is also aiming to start a war in Iran and most likely Syria later on. And yes, i know that this is really just repeating a lot of well-overstated facts, but I figure the little uneducated kiddies here at NewGrounds deserved a little lesson in what i call "Bush 101". Anyway, i liked how it was something to stimulate the mind, i also enjoyed the B+W. its plain and simple, but bold nonetheless. Some helpful critiquing (spelling?):

put in credits at the end
give it a little mo' flava, son.
make the flash last a little longer so it plays out the entire song and ends at the end of the last scene.

also, a couple of questions i was hoping you'd answer for me:

i've been planning a series about the Bin Ladens, a little slapstick parody humor, about them being a normal wealthy Saudi Arabian family with the exception of their "craaaazy" kid, Osama. if you want, you could collaborate on this with me in the future. also, i wanted to know who wrote the song and what its called. because i've heard it before, but i just don't remember it. was it Bob Dylan??? anyway, thanks for making this man. putting some informational education on NG. good job my man. SKILLZAHHH!!!

hoping you'll answer back,
--|\/|477 / JoOiShHeNtAi / Matt


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it was an alright movie, but it was expecting a bit more action judging from the name of this movie.


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ugh i thought this was gonna be a horror flash>_<

well first off why u call me and other people brainwashed and dumb that hurts my feelings.

Second we are nothing like the brittish.

History repeats itself everyone knows that.

listen make a good moive or make and actually horror flash.

ok whatever bush is dumb we know ok but that doesnt mean by making pointless text flashes its gonna get better.

u know go on with ur life stop worrying about this stupid stuff.

really i dont care who are prez is it can be pedro from napolean dynamite for all i care .

just if u want to make a statement go into a forum or talk about it.

and a good tip is when ur gonna make a statement u should really try to explain what is wrong than blaming things of the past on one person in the present.

us to the brittish HA what a joke.

if it was me as president i would pull everyone out and bomb that counrty they dont want to be help oh well. lol but than again typically i dont care.

PandaStream responds:

Typically you don't care because your a typical american who doesn't care.