LF2:A Hunter's Quest Ch.2

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Yes... it has finally come. But this wouldnt have been possible if it wasn't for you... the fans... In this Chapter, you learn a little more about the main character: Chase. I recommend, if you haven't seen the first movie, go see! Just so that you won't be confuse about the story.

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Ah! The plot thickens!

The second episode is definitely an improvement. I like the music more here. It fits, doesn't cut in or out too suddenly and really gives effect. For example - in the flashback memory after Julian declares what his intentions are. You took your time with the drama here - that is very good.
Although still, the beginning seemed a bit rushed. POW! He comes out of the shadow! POW! Flashback comes out of nowhere. But it wasn't such a big deal if you don't think about it.
When you DO think about it, then Chase is awfully willing to trust The Dark One, isn't he? Just starts running off. Sure - he thinks that: "Can I trust this guy?" But that's AFTER he's gone running off.

Great improvement in your fight scene - but it felt kind of forced. Was the fight really necessary to the story? I understand you want to make your flash more interesting, but it seemed to be kind of unnecessary to the plot. I have yet to see Henry return in the series later... I hope he will though, or that scene would've been completely useless.

So again - I say - take your time with introducing new characters - building drama was MUCH better in this episode however.

(If my ratings seem unfair - considering the relative praise I give - it's because I'm quite rough in them. I don't want to give a good score, if you don't do an exceptional job.)

Excellent !!

My little cousin wanted to watch one episode of LF2 and this is for ANYONE! xD


I really liked your movie,it is really good.Love the main story idea about going back in time to stop julian.

Not bad

It was a very interesting idea, but it still needs some work. We expecially liked the story, but you could spent some more time on the battles and effects.
We hope that you will read this review and listen to our advice.
Keep up the good work.


PyronX responds:

Thanks for the review,I am happy to say I will listen to your adivce. I'm glad you like my story and I hope to tell it more in the near future through these movies.
Thank you again

Nice work.

Its better than the last one. The fight scene is more realistick too. :D But its kinda konfusing. I mean.........as the other guy said. Why Julian wanted Chase to join im, if he could easily destroy the hwole world?

PyronX responds:

I recommend just reading my response to that review... I'm getting lazy right now repeating myself

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4.57 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2005
3:39 PM EST
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