Broken Saints CH 19 ACT 3

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Overwhelmed by the fulfillment of the next card in the Tarot reader's prophecy, the saints are caught off guard as MARS and his twin 'moons' - PHOBOS and DEIMOS - arrive on the scene to dish out some punishment.


Butt kicking act

Dude that kicked butt the show keeps getting a deeper and deeper plot that seems to lead to some kind of world wide hostage type of event in which every one is a slave the fight sence for me was the highlight of the act nice graghics and in what kind of fighting style was Oran trained in "how to cause a fast and pain full death in 2 moves" the gun part had me triping and i was going to get pissed cause i thought you killed of Oran to be honest the best one in my eyes you have done


As good as the series is on its own, it's refreshing to watch the saints kick somebody's ass. Graphics were great in this one too, great job!

can u say, the end is nigh?

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN lolz great series im loving them still going in order what does it mean though?...guess ill find out KEEP EM COMING

A play by play, for those that do not get It.

This is a violent chapter. It lures you in with sex, and ends in violence, with a great deal of exposition inbetween. Is violence bad? Certainly. Is it glorified here? Not at all. Violence is horror - anyone that's ever been in a real fight or seen the body of a close friend knows that. Sometimes, though, fighting is the only option other than dying.

Mars has in his possession a series of underage girls that he's hooked on drugs and forced into prostitution. He admits as much in this very act, and then threatens to kill Kami, Oran, and Raimi, who do everything in their power to avoid violence. They impersonate the authorities, try reason, but to no avail as Mars is unable to see past the bloody load in his hand.

Oran defends his friends as a last resort. He is brutal and efficient. He deals with bullies in a manner that they have earned (but perhaps not deserve). Mars then threatens to kill him, and Kami saves the day. This is not a masturbative revenge fantasy; shit like this happens. If you're lucky enough to have never seen it, good on you, and may you continue to be so lucky.

Violence is never justified. Ever. As soon as you've thrown a punch, you've lost. A dead friend told me that ages ago. The heroes in this are deeply flawed people - look at the title, for pity's sake - but they certainly do not enjoy causing pain. They are sick, but none of them are sadistic. Mars and his two moons certainly are, however.

Good people somtimes forget that in order for Evil to triumph, all the Good have to do is Nothing. We are told not to fight in this day and age, for anything. We believe in strictly narrow lines, and refuse to consider that we might be wrong. The Koran is one of the most beautiful pieces of scripture ever written - Oran quotes it to support his faith and to find divine meaning in an infernal world that - and this is important - We Chose.

This series is about growth, and evolution, but all growth and all evolution require blood. This series is a killing floor, but if you can look past the surface there is so much Truth for you to find.

Good Hunting.

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When the two bodyguards got the crap kicked out of them, that was one of the most satisfying moments in the whole series so far.

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