Broken Saints CH 19 ACT 2

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In the last act of Broken Saints, ORAN, RAIMI, and KAMIMURA were entering into the belly of the MARS strip club, where RAIMI's ex-employer - BENJAMIN PALMER - was being wooed by porn and prostitution czar MARS.
In this act, Raimi uses Sandra's laptop to spy on Palmer's teleconference with an old 'friend' from Chapter 13 and get the goods on them both...but a random act of kindness from Kamimura freezes the saints dead in their tracks. Something...is...happening.

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As i dont think i even need to talk about how good the series are, the only thing i'll say that i hate cliche scenes, and it really was kinda cliche when Kamimura found the girl "by accident"...
But i'll go forth and assume that it was all tied to his Karma-power and after all he wouldnt have found her if he wouldnt be such a good person. =P LOL

What the hell

happened to her? I really like Kamimura's dilemmas, and the new music.

How can they help her???????

I was NOT expecting that ending.
This chapter seemed good, normal, and everything seemed okay, except for learning what will happen if they remove the chip, it didn't seem that big a section. (The banter between the three was funny. "I am sitting between madness and sin" hehe) I mean, the new music was really good. It is half funny, half sad how Kamimura does not know what people expect from him, and gave them money to try to make them happy, like a little kid really. And it was so very sad when he reacted to the condition of the girls. But I had no idea what they would find when they opened the compartment.
All my fives for the big suprise!


Whoever orchestrated the kidnapping and storage of Shandala is a crafty one. Those guys better watch it, especially if Mars is in on it.


awsome graphics dude. keep up the good work