Worms Shorts Special Ed.

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Hey this is the Worms Shorts special edition. All the worms shorts fixed up and put together,also some deleted scenes.


Good, but it was mostly the same

It was good, and i saw a few things that had been edited/edited in,b ut overall, it was mostly the same. I definatly saw some new scenes in the shorts that weren't in the deleted scenes, but that's probably why, and were the deleted scenes mean't to play after the 4th short. It was good, and some of it was new, but it could have had a new short in it as well, and the games from Worms Shorts 4 would have been good too. I wouldn't have minded Worms Wear in there either, it's my least favorite, but it would have added to it a bit. overall it was good, it's better then just a collection of deleted scenes, which there didn't seem to be many of, but it could have been better.

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Practice tweening

I hope you realize that your tweens look.. weird, to say the least. Practice guided tweening and set your FPS to 24. Then make a kickass one :P


Could've been a lot more.

It's nothing really new if you've already played the Worms game. This's just like watching a replay of one.

It could've been much more. The explosions could've looked, like explosions rather than the same coloured elipse over and over. No differentiating between the explosions.

No real animation of the worms aside from what's done in the game, no deformation to terrain or to the worms when shot. Which I can let slide, but still looks a little disappointing.

The music becomes repetitive, you should use it effectively to emphasise atmosphere, not just use it to carry the animation. A nice idea could've been to use speech bubbles popping above their head in similar style to the way text appears in Worms World Party, and use the worm sound effects for when they're laughing or just in pain. That could've created some kind of story line.

Some parts are off the wall, which is good, but there's no replay facter, I get relatively bored with it after watching one episode for a few minutes. Needs some consideration to go into it.

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i love the sounds and freakishly weird ideas of these worms...who would use dynomaite lol....it had me rofllol

shimmy responds:


hehe, good little collab.

even though this movie itself required next to no effort to create, it was fun to watch the 4 little episodes again... but i really think that you should have made a new one to go in there aswell.
as always, nice graphics, with heaps of sound effects. but anyone who's played Worms will tell you that the explosion animation looks crappy.

shimmy responds:


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3.40 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2005
5:56 PM EST
Comedy - Parody