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Everything is flow(i think.) like water and clound, wind.
All elements from korean old painting.

plus, dedicate to yang bang ean.


Asian !!!!!!!!!!

anything Asian gets a thumbs up from me ! Good job !

dizi responds:

You like Asian things right?
Thanks alexandramurphy!

Quite well made

Great work with the thematic elements in this one, all too rare in flash these days. Good art and appropriate music to accompany it.

dizi responds:

Thanks sephiroth yaritz.
ill try more unique things thanks!

It has a very nice art style

This flash movie gives you a good feeling. The art style is awesome...i've never seen a flash like that. The music was really well done as welll!

dizi responds:

Thanks natedawg947!
i love this music too!

I really liked it

First of all:

1. Woooaaaahhh...trippy...

2. Absolutely beautiful graphics, design, flawless use of animation.

3. The message is a little hard to find, but you get it soon enough, and your right.

4. A nice, refreshing little flash with nice music, it lets you think about things, I was very...peaceful watching this.

5. The quality is amazing, and whomever thinks this sucks doesn't know pure enlightenment and will never acheive it.

6. Good enough for a 5, nice job and good work, I liked this flash alot.

dizi responds:

Your praise is perfect!
i impressed !!!
Thanks dude!


It's true what they say everything is constantly in motion, (or changing) to think even though you may be standing still, our planet is moving and so to our galaxy, maybe even the entire universe, in motion.

Kinda makes you think. ^_^

dizi responds:

i must think again to make that fault hehe. thanks dude!

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4.12 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2005
3:24 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place January 23, 2005