Broken Saints CH 19 ACT 1

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Following the intense fight between Oran and Kami in Chapter 18 and the realization of the bond that all three men now share to the BIOCOM project, Raimi leads them into the dark corners of the MARS strip club! It is here that Raimi hopes to snoop on his old boss, BENJAMIN PALMER...but can ORAN and KAMI co-exist in such a hostile and offensive environment?


damn son!

This is another great one... very detailed graphics matched with really great sound fx and music... how long does it take you to make these movies? and do you have any secrets? i need to know. This movie definitely seems a lot slower than the fighting one... i miss the fighting one.. damn.. this one has some creepy music and doesn't make much sense.. very confusing.

Best one yet

This is pretty good. The entire chapter, not just one witty act. I mainly forgot about the classic version chapter 19 since I bought the amazing DVD which I play on my stero surround sound Zoombox home theatre. It's loud and it's amazing. I had forgotten about this and thought Oran had sex or something. Kind of funny, When they first showed this, because Oran's so muscular I thought one of the stripper's would have sex with him. Oh well, not that I would want to see any of that. Nice artwork, DVD is way better, including Mar's two guards loud voices echo in my home theatre. Amazing. But, the triumph of it all makes me shutter. Good off and good night.

That was awsome

Dude that was grate the graphics where awsomw and the story is grate i cant wait for act 2


That was amazing not much nudity but in a flash series like this who needs it?


I love this series , this paticular episode had incredible music and ambience.

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3.75 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2005
7:16 PM EST
  • Daily Feature January 22, 2005