Stealth's Confession VII

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Yep. The kickass seventh. I know a lot of you don't like these, but I like them, and in this episode there are about 4 different people confessing. Short ones of course.

Graphics by firth.

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It's funny.

I love FFX and its soundtrack, hearing Zanarkand in the background was awesome. Salad Fingers is so wierd, its kinda interesting that you dont give credit to the author of SF, but, its obvious where it came from and you arent REALLY claiming its yours, so who really cares.

Making fun of salad fingers is so easy, and gets hilarious results. But i stil say Zalad Fingers is better than this one!

3 Flash artists..

Took a great sound track and stolen Firth characters and made this shit. If you could prove one of you were on the piano, I'd vote 2 but I know you wern't.


it's final fantasy... i mean stealth confession. haha i like that fat guy... but he talks a little unclear and the audio isn't of quality. You should try using a different program when recording your audio.. that might just help. whoa it's salad fingers again.. hah.. i remember this scene from the other Stealth Confession movie.. what these characters is really random... this could be a lot better...


This is bad, really bad, in fact.

this is stolen

u didnt even mentionned u were goin to use other artists creations.. abusive movie.. try n make one on urself b4 criticizin other ones..

Crappy Movie.

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