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lol very good

lol after all the stuff i did , there was a crappy sequence of the world blowing up ...well done :D lol

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that was funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i couldnt here any sound(speakers are messed up)

Dont play with shit you dont understand

9/10 - Its not Hard without a reason, no tips caus its a WORLD DOMINATION DEVICE
Dont play with shit you dont understand...
you understand when you beat the game.

*Spoiler WARNING*

Hints not Cheets.
- Screws @ Contrast pannle edges
- Move blocks @ light "orbs"
- Validation speed @ handels [middle screen]
- Nuber pannel @ whats different, 1 does this 2 does?
- Wires @ Leds are fun + & - counts woops where is the last cable?! O_o i know you know
- Last part @ after beating part one... this you wont get hints

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HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA...that was awesome..hahahah...ahhhahahaha....the button..n the thing, with the thing..hahahHAHAHAH...n the message at the end..hahaha....wooo....ok, seriously. i donno y im laffin so much...but that was good...very smart, very nice, just..good..9/10

a few hints for people who are stuck

this is very challenging...ive only managed to light 2 bulbs (i think i lit 3 at one point but undid it by mistake:( )

1) the keypad, as mentioned earlier, unlocks when you type: 1 [enter] 1 [enter] 2 [enter] 3 [enter] 5 [enter] 8 [enter]

2) the little switches will unlock when you set them to
0 1 1 1 0 0
0 1 0 0 1 1
0 1 0 0 0 0
0 1 1 0 1 0

3) the yellow/orange circles thing is the bit i unlocked by luck and locked again. ive decuded a few things from it but its still somewhat of a mystery to me:
put your mouse over any circle, and on the main screen you'll see a mix of filled in 0s and 1s. the middle 0 represents that particular circle. the 1s represent adjacent circles that can be turned on or off. a lot of the time a 1 will represent a non existant circle and therefore won't do anything. for example, if you put your mouse over the middle-left circle and get
0 1 0
0 0 0
1 0 0
that means that pressing it will affect the circle directly above it, and the circle to the lower left of it. since there is no circle to the lower left, it'll only turn the circle directly above it on or off.
i think the objective is to turn all circles on (bright yellow as opposed to dull) - and to do this you can move the blank square around, though im not entirely sure how you do this either! i know the blank space can only move horizontally or vertically, and i believe that moving the blank space will change the proporties of each circle (ie how it will affect neighbouring circles)

the sliding RGB bar and the circuits i have no clue about.
im sorry if this review was confusing!

this is a good game but very hard

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Jan 20, 2005
1:38 PM EST
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