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Mouse game

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Author Comments

note that this was uploaded in the beginning of 2005. Just a few weeks after I got flash MX =)




+++ Variation. You used some simple movement and the tiny twist on level 5 to elevate this above what it actually is.

----- Levels seemed far more about trial and improvement than any skill. Memorising where things would appear seemed to be the name of the game, specially in level 9. Replaying levels was just dull.

----- Level 10 seemed unfairly almost-impossible.

--- The font was hard to read.

++ I liked your friendly 'notes'.

++ Presence of level select.

++ ratings

After failing 4 times, I right-click-played to get to the cheat screen. Played level 9 2 more times to complete it, played level 10 3 more times, gave up.

It was fun in flashes but ultimately a bit uninspiring.

Ohls responds:

Very very good review. Remember that this was made two years ago hehe. When I had juts picked up flash MX.

I replayed the game just now and everything you say is correct. When I made this I thought it was a lot better than it actually is. I got a better perspective now though =).

click click click DAMNIT

it was good yet chalenging. once oyu play it once through the only levels that suck are 9 and 10 i CAN"T beat it aragh lol. it was hard tho and i like that in a flash game. i even broke out my infared mouse and i STILL couldent beat it lol. good job tho. it was fun


That was kind of fun. I liked it, kinda---lol. Try using different text, too.

Oh and anyhow I reviewed your other 'How to Submit' thing and pretty much yelled at you. My apologies, as I did not realize it was a joke. Oh well, it was late at night anyway. Now that I watched it again I realized how funny it was. Sorry 'bout that. :P

Ohls responds:

hehe thanks =) I know the text sucks =) I just liked it =P i pretty much gave up on this game so it deosnt matter =)

and apologies accepted hehe =) and my apologies for sorta yelling back =P



i guess the idea isn't so great... there's no soundfx or music... and the text is a little tough to read... a different font would be better perhaps... but this isn't a very fun game.

Ohls responds:

most ppl think its fun though. I ┬┤do not hehe =P made it for practise


This is a perfect example of... ... ... ........................ ... ...... ..... junk.

Ohls responds:

so are you.

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Credits & Info

2.23 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2005
1:21 PM EST
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