Non-Canonical Joke Minute

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It's the Non-Canonical Joke Minute!
Pepper tells Drink her troubles! Animation completed in 24 hours. Audio (voices, selection of music, and editing) was 2 days separately.

Note: "Non-canonical" in this case means that this is unconnected to the events that take place in Pink Lemonade proper. It's just a joke!

Note 2: About the accents -- the alien creature was Scottish, Pepper was Australian, and Drink was American. The accents represent the different dialects of the alien language that they're *really* speaking.

Front page! :-D Well, I hope that my next release will be more worthy of such an honour! Jokes like this are really hit or miss with the audience, as the reviews show. For anyone who doesn't find this sort of joke funny, perhaps you'll enjoy the PL short better, which is the next release in this series, in production (see the PL web site for details). http://pinklemonadeanime



I want more! Gimme gimme gimme!
(Who's Lina Inverse? XD)


that was a very well drawn short as well as funny and well drawn it was rather well voiced as well seemed to sute the caracters lol one small problem though i dont no if any1 noticed this but she says girlfriend rather that boyfriend i played it about 4 times 2 make sure she did say it or is she ment 2?

OOOOOH, now i get it LOL

AHAHAHA, took me about 10 times to get what was going on.. damn I'm slow. For those who doesn't get it, listen to it carefully.

::Hint:: - remember the anonymous part, listen carefully about the Girlfriend thing and "I don't know who" part

nice but

i really liked it, it was frickin awesome... but i could barely hear what they were saying so i didnt really get the joke sorry... ^o^;


Very nice! As said, great animation. I loved the part where the other fat guy says "So are you you fat bastard!" That was classic.

But I'm one of those people who still doesn't get the joke...I suck when it comes down to understanding jokes.

However, I'll keep watching until I get it.

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Jan 20, 2005
5:45 AM EST
Comedy - Original