BatteryClock 1 (beta)

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**There is now an updated version of this. It's ID is 214403 You can still view this version though, it does load quicker**

This is my first BatteryClock short done in 3D. It's also the first submission that I have spent a considerable amount of time on. All scenes were modelled and animated in 3DStudio Max 5 and exported using a Swift3D plugin.
Please keep in mind that it is a short, and the first episode, so please don't complain about length or lack of story (yet).

Thanks to CoffeeClock for inspiration to make this!

Reviews are very welcome as always.

I do not mean to offend any Locks by this movie.

<3 BatteryClock


It's wierd

It's very wierd

Wow. If this is teh Beta....

I can't wait to see the full version (I'll have to view it next). Anyway, the 3D effects used were really well done, and the humour used in this flash was nice. Hopefully, the full version that was uploaded onto Newgrounds will be a bit longer, but other than that there isn't too much room for improvement (except for the blood which did seem a little wierd looking).

Anyway, not a bad CC movie! Keep it up!

DazFromTaz responds:

Thanks for a good review!


However, I cannot see why you submitted this new movie and not just updated the last one. I can't really see anything too new or special which would justify putting all of this as a new movie, it didn't really add a lot to the old movie. Actually, exept for the blood, which looks a lot better in this movie, I noticed nothing which could be considered new. So, the graphics was, again, oretty good, I like the 3D and the charecters and such. I also like the style and the sound of the movie. however, I think that the script should be fixed, because it is not that funny. Anyway, it is a nice movie, although it doesn't add a lot...

DazFromTaz responds:

This isn't the new one. The other one is new, it has the option to turn outlines on or off.

Sorry you didn't like the script.

I'm down with this

The graphics are refined quite well. I like the 3-D and it fits well in this movie. You got some nice textures too. Thats hard to do in 3-D sometimes. Good job on that.
It seems you have taken to 3DStudio Max quite well so I think you should stick with your style.
The sound is too compressed I think. Its hard to understand the voices but the sub-titles helped there. I also liked the choice of songs in the background.
Well the ending was a suprise. I liked it. I didn't expect it but I liked. A nice touch of violence.
Nice interactivity for a movie. You gave us a build-up in the author's comments and I like what you did for the preloader. And I could see the status bar. Great. Also a replay button at the end. Nice intro for the opening credits. You also added a nice logo in the opening credits for yourself. Adds a nice touch. Only thing missing was a scene selection or quality button. :)
Good humor on this one. I got a smile from it.
I can tell you spent alot of time with this. It has pad off. Well done overall and I look forward to seeing more. :)

DazFromTaz responds:

Thanks alot! I really appreciate reviews, and you put some thought into yours - thanks!

I didn't use any textures as such, just flat colours, but maybe you are referring to the shadow effects.

I hope to get another one out sometime...but I've started Uni, and that sucks up a lot of time :P


first clock movie i've ever seen in 3-d.i didn't know padlocks could bleed...then again,there isn't much i know.great flash,even though the way it went was pretty bland...

DazFromTaz responds:

Thanks alot for the nice review :D

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3.06 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2005
1:36 AM EST
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