The 5 Shades of Green

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UPDATE: Thanks a lot for the front page Tom, Wade, and everyone here at NG! We appreciate all the helpful reviews!

Finally, it is here. After hours of hard work 12 artists finally present to you:
-cook-, Greedom, TwinsenDude, mynamewontfitin, Benny_Creations, elkrobber, Omnilurk, API667, Valtrix, ReNaeNae, SkyRocket, and RuneAura present to you an original collaboration where the artist was only to use 5 shades of green.
Benny_Creations took a slightly different route for this challenge by making a game instead of an animation. He challenges all to beat the full 8 levels of his plane game (or else!)
TwinsenDude took the challenge to animate a full 3D short using only the specified 5 colors.

Be sure to check out the new 5 Shades of Red Collab which should hit Newgrounds by this Valentines Day! (http://newgrounds.com/bbs/topic.php?id=219846)
Menu by Mynamewontfitin
Any response with TD is by TwinsenDude


Interesting concept...

Given the color limitations of the project, it was better than I expected. A few excellent submissions and several good ones.

My top 3 favorites, (in no particular order) ReNaeNae's, Elkrobber's, and TwinsenDude's.

I also agree that the game seemed a little out of place, but it didn't take away from the overall quality of the movie. Most of the music was high quality and fit well in each piece. Nice work by everyone involved.

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Pretty good

The game at the end really should've been omitted, since it realy doesn't fit in with the other submissions. Maybe if more was added to it, it could make for a nice timewaster, but here, it's very much out of place.

With that exception, I liked the others. Twinson's was my personal favorite; the cel-shading style really stood out. Nice 3D effects, also.

The first one, by -cook-, had the best overall art style, and the song rocked ass, but it was too short, and it was hard to see what the author was getting at.

Mynamewontfitin's is my second favorite here. The sparse, acoustic strumming in the background suits the tone here, and the short story illustrated, taken for what it's worth, was different, and, in that same respect nice. Also, the line "there is no more room in heaven, go fly somewhere else" was a great way to end.

Overall, this was a nice collaboration. Using a color limitation is something I have never seen, and it's a great way to test the ability of an animator when their options are limited. Good job.


Cant say i liked it very much. I liked how you challenged the artists though. My favorite ones were by : Cook, Skyrocket and mynamewontfitin's. They had the most artistic of it all (i feel) and the rest mainly felt like they did whatever just to get the flash done and submitted. Some were ok but were unoriginal. Some seemed effortless. i dont want to Review every little one but overall it wasnt bad. If it wasnt for those 3 above, i would say this woulda sucked. But nice job anyways i liked the Green shades u challenged to use.


the1goes for "mynameis..." whatever the fuck his name is, anyway cuz i liked the song and it was kinda cool. and goddamn twinsen you could've put a warning sign that your flash sucked.

While it was a good idea,

you might want to make sure all the entries do not suck giant monkey testicles. ReNaeNae's and Valtrix's entries were good, the others were found to be quite lacking.

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3.79 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2005
5:11 PM EST