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The 5 Shades of Green

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UPDATE: Thanks a lot for the front page Tom, Wade, and everyone here at NG! We appreciate all the helpful reviews!

Finally, it is here. After hours of hard work 12 artists finally present to you:
-cook-, Greedom, TwinsenDude, mynamewontfitin, Benny_Creations, elkrobber, Omnilurk, API667, Valtrix, ReNaeNae, SkyRocket, and RuneAura present to you an original collaboration where the artist was only to use 5 shades of green.
Benny_Creations took a slightly different route for this challenge by making a game instead of an animation. He challenges all to beat the full 8 levels of his plane game (or else!)
TwinsenDude took the challenge to animate a full 3D short using only the specified 5 colors.

Be sure to check out the new 5 Shades of Red Collab which should hit Newgrounds by this Valentines Day! (http://newgrounds.com/bbs/topic.php?id=219846)
Menu by Mynamewontfitin
Any response with TD is by TwinsenDude



very nice i loved the 3D part you did a great job on that part but yea very nice

omg that was the best mix of toons ever.......

you guys did great. the animation and music was really good. although u shuld've put a "play all" button....... great flash guys.


Great films and game. Funny sometimes. Liked the 'There is no room in heaven, fly somewhere else.' thing.

An interesting concept.

I saw countless colours thanks to blurs, gradients and semi-transparencies. Also, ReNaeNae even had some purple! Anyway, the idea of using only a specific colour was a nice one I hadn't seen done before.

The plot wasn't totally clear on the first viewing - maybe switching between the eyes and a close up showing only the flying birds before the flapping wing would help illustrate the concept as some details escaped me the first time.

Rather strange audio... with a rather strange clip to match.

To me this actually dragged on. The environment was reasonably nice, but it wasn't worth the slow uneventful tour we were treated to.

Some nice pictures, but I don't understand the message the author is trying to get across. A plane crash-lands, releasing... *oh, they were dying... so why did heaven bomb earth? And is the whole thing simply a statement on how many pointless deaths there are?

It seems a very nice movie with a nice soundtrack but it's maybe a bit impenetrable (and I'm assuming I've got the right message). I'm still not at all sure what your message was and in that sense, having made it clearer would have made it better to my mind.

I got to level 6 and I was enjoying the later levels but the frustration of having to re-play earlier levels each time and having to restart if I missed one single shot wasn't worth the fun of playing the new levels. I did really like the way the missiles were launched making the varying positions a factor in aiming.

Not too keen on the story. The story didn't seem that interesting and it wasn't told in a specially interesting way. Fairly decent animation though.

I liked the design of the green lady thing with wings and the way the wings were used to defend. However, not too keen on the subject matter, having been bored with too many fights already.

Mildly interesting movie with a very bizarre ending. Not sure what was happening here.Some motion seemed pretty nice, although that was maybe thanks to how small the character was.

Very nice music. I really liked the uplifting message as well and the animation, though simple, works well. The one complaint I have is the way the end fades out then 'pop's back in over and over and over....

I really like the drawings of the fly and frog and the animation of the tongue was pretty nice too. I also liked the movement of the reflections of the trees at the start. I did think that it might have made the story more interesting if the characters had shown more reactions. Exaggerating the fact that the frog had woken up and was annoyed with a quick close-up... I know some may call it disrespectful to the audience's intelligence, but personally, I would rather have an over-stated animation, specially when it is so short.

I liked the skeleton dude who only appeared for half a second but whilst the animation was fairly competent, it was never clear what was going on, what his aim was if any, and so the story seemed to have almost never been told. Also, you seemed a bit over-reliant on b+w gradients for a 'shades of green' collab.

I presume you're a beginner at flash? Well, I suggest next time you draw a bird, don't have the tail, main body and head disconnected. Thicken up the wing a bit maybe. Also, have the arms of the walking dude swing as he walks. Nice song pick.


To everyone - I may have come across as harsh. That's the result of limited character count and me wanting to be constructive rather than nice. You all did a good job in making the animations and I wish you all the best of luck with future stuff.

Stay funky everyone,

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Could have been something... decent.

The idea of using only shades of green is great. For these kind of collabs, the 'director' needs to be STRICT! I mean, you just let in any 9 year old that knows how to click a mouse. ReNaeNae and cook are the only ones that at the very least used the shades in an appealing form. All the stories/situations sucked. And anyone that makes a fight scene in these collabs, (as much as I like fight scenes) need to be shot dead. They have no imagination whatsoever. If you need inspiration for animations, try reading up on different cultures, mix and match daily happenings. do something ridiculous and make it original at least to your knowledge.

oooo, I soiled myself.

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3.79 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2005
5:11 PM EST