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The 5 Shades of Green

rated 3.79 / 5 stars
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Jan 18, 2005 | 5:11 PM EST

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Author Comments

UPDATE: Thanks a lot for the front page Tom, Wade, and everyone here at NG! We appreciate all the helpful reviews!

Finally, it is here. After hours of hard work 12 artists finally present to you:
-cook-, Greedom, TwinsenDude, mynamewontfitin, Benny_Creations, elkrobber, Omnilurk, API667, Valtrix, ReNaeNae, SkyRocket, and RuneAura present to you an original collaboration where the artist was only to use 5 shades of green.
Benny_Creations took a slightly different route for this challenge by making a game instead of an animation. He challenges all to beat the full 8 levels of his plane game (or else!)
TwinsenDude took the challenge to animate a full 3D short using only the specified 5 colors.

Be sure to check out the new 5 Shades of Red Collab which should hit Newgrounds by this Valentines Day! (
Menu by Mynamewontfitin
Any response with TD is by TwinsenDude



Rated 2 / 5 stars

It just didn't appeal to me

I don't like this really, well if it had some more plot then maybe it'd be better. That was some of the sickest animation of seen tough you guys are awesome animators seriously. If you guys do this again take plot into consideration.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

whatever guys

all i have to say is thx 4 makeing sence(sarcasm).


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Hats off to Twinsendude's animation, that was cool. I really like the "5 Shades" series, they're original and pretty dang cool.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Green is my most favorite color, and at long last I've seen a collaboration based on it done so well!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

About time I get around to reviewing this

I reviewed 5 Shades of Red weeks and weeks ago, but didn't get around to reviewing this until 5 Shades of Blue prompted me to catch up. So here we go:

-cook-: Good music, nice animation, and I love the sketchy slight bits of texture you give to objects and backgrounds. Love the drawing style.

Greedom: Wild change of music when the Area 51 fighter jets attack the alien mom/dad/whatever... and then again later when the alien kid goes for revenge. Fascinating short piece, I liked it a lot!

TwinsenDude: Well, you certainly interpreted "fly" in the way I first thought of it (seems like most of the authors so far went with the ACTION of flying, as opposed to the noun "fly"). A 3D exploration of a room, a green simulation of a fly's POV. Nice little flight of fancy, as it were.

Mynamewontfitin: It's striking how differently the various visual aspects of your piece simply look. One thing may be smooth, another thing rough and sketchy. Some look like charcoal drawings, others look like scribbly goodness. Lots of variety, and that's always good. Well done job of visual storytelling, most of all.

Benny_Creation: Great looking game! Gameplay is pretty fun, the balancing of fuel-management (in later missions moreso, I'm sure) to catch up to enemy jets with the need to carefully aim missles so as not to run out (and BTW, while it's not insanely hard to hit a jet, the wings not counting as a hit does up the difficulty. Very nice job!

elkrobber: Love the bird and the sun and the mountains and... well, just really nicely shaded stuff. Love the shadows on objects and people as well. Kinda a sad ending, though. Heh.

Omnilurk: Cute little characters, yet filled with ANGRY MENACE. What a delightful combination. Loved the dark wings and how they were animated. Great short battle.

API667: Sort of a typical "long-view" stick animation, but the green shades combined with the smooth animation and interesting things the stick does with his body combine to give it plenty of uniqueness.

Valtrix: Another bird flash. Very different in tone than elkrobber's, though. Good to see the bird make it this time. I liked the way you animated the bird coming out of his plane-induced fall and spinning back to life and flight.

ReNaeNae: Nice plingy-plinky music. I loved the river and the lilypads and the toad and fly and everything. Gorgeous visuals. Easily the best of the whole collab on looks alone, if not on plot. Simple and beautiful. Well done.

SkyRocket: Very different sort of flash than most that have come before. Sometimes the white backgrounds were a little too plain, especially for a 5 shades of green compilation (why not a light, light shade of green, or at least a bit more stuff in them?). The clouds at the end were something, at least. Anyway, don't mean to be picky, that was just the main thing that stood out to me. Well animated, interesting action.

RuneAura: And so the last piece has the best music (gotta love the Who)... not exactly the best visuals, though. That said, it's got a definite simple style to it, and you've left your imprint upon some of the visuals. The scene with the guy walking was a little too simple, though, just a white background and him walking in a very awkward cycle before the bird arrives? Dunno about that. But good choice of music, one of my fave Who songs.

Very very nice compilation, guys. Green's my fave colour, and while the shades used in this collab aren't quite as attractive as say the shades of red or blue in those collabs, it was still a very nice collection of olive-greenish variety-filled flashes. Way to go!

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