The 5 Shades of Green

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UPDATE: Thanks a lot for the front page Tom, Wade, and everyone here at NG! We appreciate all the helpful reviews!

Finally, it is here. After hours of hard work 12 artists finally present to you:
-cook-, Greedom, TwinsenDude, mynamewontfitin, Benny_Creations, elkrobber, Omnilurk, API667, Valtrix, ReNaeNae, SkyRocket, and RuneAura present to you an original collaboration where the artist was only to use 5 shades of green.
Benny_Creations took a slightly different route for this challenge by making a game instead of an animation. He challenges all to beat the full 8 levels of his plane game (or else!)
TwinsenDude took the challenge to animate a full 3D short using only the specified 5 colors.

Be sure to check out the new 5 Shades of Red Collab which should hit Newgrounds by this Valentines Day! (http://newgrounds.com/bbs/topic.php?id=219846)
Menu by Mynamewontfitin
Any response with TD is by TwinsenDude


Aiight, who was tripin on what???

I really liked it, specially cause green is my favourit color... But seriously, u guys must've been tripin on sum really dangerous stuff there man... Specially the last 2 submissions (wich sucked...), those guys weer in shrooms... But anywayz, it got my 5... Great stuff there, really deep nd emotive... Gatta luv that... Besides the 2 last ones, sry guys but, c'mon, not even anime use that winged/flyin/smilin/bi soldier, nd whut about that sketch birdie, c'mon... The guy in the very end seemed like he was walkin backwords... Anywayz... Great work, nd 4 the 2 last kids, if u guys really take ur time in ur flash movies nd stop playin pokemon cards, they will come out great... Peace...

its okay I suppose

the thing is when you set us up with a challenge like "could only use 5 shades of green and has to do with the word fly" I immediately think whoa thats cool I bet these dudes really mastered that challenge otherwise it would be kinda lame. Well you didnt master it and it was kinda lame so over all i feel dissapointed... but its not bad

Most were good, Some were crap.

The first set of ones I thought were very good, and the one that
Re NaeNae made was great! But then you get a plie of crap made by RuneAura, with shitty graphics and animation. That kind of ruins the whole effect of the first ones.

I Gave a 3, half were good, half were not.

RuneAura cant go to hell, coz his movie really SUCKED.


It lacked graphic greatness, some of the movies were thrown together really poorly, I mean its good movie, but maybe better graphics would have really made it great.

P.S. What was with all the birds?

eh, it was ok

not very visualy impressive, not the kinda art i expected by the name 5 shades of green

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3.79 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2005
5:11 PM EST