Broken Saints CH 17 ACT 2

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In this concluding act of Chapter 17, Raimi and Oran hide from the impending military sweep in Sandra's apartment downstairs. After a little instant messaging fun, Raimi and Sandra try to figure out Palmer's plan via videoconference...until tragedy strikes.



Broken Saints Chapter 17 Act 2 I thought was the best in the series so far like the animation and the artwork in these especially when Raimi was on the laptop, i feel sorry for Sandra, hope Raimi can pick himself up from that, was alittle disapointed with the less detail with Oran hope it will pick up and be even more better.

Graphics: Excellent animation and artwork.
Sound Effects: Were really good in this one especially when Raimi was on the laptop.

All in all this gets all 10 stars as for being the best in the series so far and with my favourite character in it.

Gah, I dunno how many times I'll say this

This series has been COMPLETED since 2001. There is no way your suggestions for changes are going to be implemented. However, there is a totally remastered 4-disk DVD edition with many things people ask for: Better animation, better art, and complete proffesional voiceovers. Check it out at the brokensaints website!

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This certainly has potential. But there where plenty of things wrongs with this. The main problem is, the plot is basically in a chat line... made thigs boring. Second biggest problem, it's practically a slideshow. Third problem, YOU NEED VOICES!!! If you made this actually a flash, frame-by-frame, and voices, this would be incredible. Better luck next time.

wow !

Very good! and u must work like so fucking hard! u released so many movies this month thats crqazy!

Broken Saints's Best One, Probably

"Combining original hand-painted artwork, comic book text, stylized effects, and a hypnotic musical score, Broken Saints tells a haunting and poetic tale of four troubled souls who receive visions of a coming techo-spiritual Apocalypse. Special thanks to Tom, Wade, Shok, and all the new BS supporters at NG for helping to spread the good word - and be sure to drop by our little cyber home on the Web at www_._brokensaints\./com for even more tasty surprises. The Saints may be dead...but long live the Saints!!!" - Brooke Burgess"

- Awesome, I think even the best one of the Broken Saint's, best style I think so...

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3.82 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2005
3:43 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place January 19, 2005