BaLLoonY L00p!!!

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Ok, so i realize this is a piece of shit. im sorry for that, and im fixing it up and resubmitting at a later date.

I just really didnt expect this to survive...



I voted 5... mostly because of the music :D

Very good sound!

This movie is worth a pass just for the music! Hehe I always vote high on the movies with good music. In Sweden there was a comedy with this song before and I think Just a glimpse of the main character in one of these movies would make me give you 5/5 for letting me see those funny people again!

Yeah and by the way the show's name was "Hejja Björn!".

Thank you for submitting this on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

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I think i went insane around number 20

Ok then. I'm sorry, I dont understand it. Is it a screen saver? I hope that you describe what you were going for in a more in depth artist summary.

laderan210 responds:

well if your looking for a point and went insane at about 20 your not gonna find it.

eventually there will be 99 red balloons...
you just gotta wait long enuf ;)

other than that, no, theres no point to this.

good stuff...

i like the song...

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Learn to compress sound

laderan210 responds:

learn to not whack off to compressed sound then have your mom walk in on you with her future grandchidren running down your hand and ground you from ginger snaps for a month and tell you its dirty....yeah i went there.

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1.81 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2005
2:13 AM EST
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