Maple and Log Ep. 2

January 17, 2005 –
July 9, 2018
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Maple and Log do more funny stuff like embarrass Samegame and own chats! Enjoy the second episode to these shorts!


what were you on when you made this peice of poo!

w...t....f........errm ye
that was strange

um yea... right.. i don't understand this lock movie... it isn't really funny... graphics are all right.. i see you know how to use masking which is a nice skill... but .. yea.. this was just not that funny.

Even though the flash was a bit too short, the file size was small and there was a nice amount of humour in it. However, I'm not a person who knows about the locks much, but I know that they're some clock thing and some other things. Also, I havn't seen episode 1 yet, but this flash was funny, even if it was some MSN chat. Nice work Maple and Lock, even though I don't know who did the animations and such. I better see episode 1 and I will be looking forward to see episode 3.

funny short hehe ^_^

lol i made samegame a chicken XD

There was no point, and the humor was bland at best

Pretty funny at times. Looking forward to other episodes.

that was kool lol cant wait 4 episode 3

u submited this crap last night and it got blammed get it throught ur head U SUCK MY HAIRY BALLS!

first of all i couldnt understand what they were saying..i didnt bother to read the subtitles. put some more effort into your next flash,cause you didnt seem to really try

I loved it, make more.

Samegame <3s J00

Congrats Maple!

Good work, but you should make at least five then submit them in one giant flash!

Good Job


it was okay, but idunno if it'll stay up..make them longer, and funnier

I enjoy watching MapleLeafLock and LogLock, but to make it more interesting, have them go on an adventure or something, and add music. Each episode would be really short like this one, but come on, it would make it a hell of a lot better. Every day they progress on their adventure, and at around ep. 60 or whatever they get to the end, just play around with the idea and see what happens!

whats with n00bs on this site anyways. Well this flash rocked!!!1!!
long live the locks!!!!!!11!

didnt get it... hard to understand... graphics were alright but... what was with their eyes... didnt make me laugh either...

What the almighty thumb thinks: (points downwards)

not the best movie, but definitly not that bad =)

semi funny in some parts, good work!

heh, i saw that review and response after viewing this, it sure was funny! haha.
anyways, onto the movie. the graphics and animation are smooth and clean as always, but i found this one to be a little funnier.
it was definately longer than the last, with more dialogue... and the ending was pretty damn funny. another good short!

Hey im also canadian , im one of those remaining french on the canadian ground! im from quebec ;P

Thought the movie wasnt so great... lol

I gave you a five because there is potential here. Make longer stuff. I laughed at this for a few sec. and for as short as this was it was really good. Good animation, sound, and a little comedy. Just make it longer and with a story line in it.


This isn't funny. The voices are made from either Jaundice or any common voice programming and they are retarded to begin with.

The concept isn't funny at all, how on earth this is getting a 3.00+ is beyond me. I really can't find anything redeeming about this at all.

I don't mean to spite when it's not necessary, but this is just stupid.


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